HALIFAX £2000 refund - but I think they owe me double...

For years. I mean years - at least from 2012 - I have followed the same ridiculous habit. And I always knew it was my fault so I swallowed the costs involved.
By the 3/4th of every month I would reach my £1000 overdraft limit. I would then borrow cash off my mum / or have ciphoned maybe £200 to my saver account. Usually both.
Then this would happen. Every month.
Halifax would - on the 5/6th of the month - take their unplanned overdraft charges.
They would take me into an unplanned overdraft, by taking the charges for previous month’s unplanned overdraft.
Eg: i would be at £999.50 - then they take &120 and hey presto I’m a cash cow.
Now it’s my fault this would happen. I totally realise.
But actually I was in hardship. I lost my job in 2013. I’m in arrears by 5 months on my mortgage and I can’t get credit. And I’d love to pay off my debts (approx £7500) but there is no spare cash to throw into my debt pit.
last week Halifax refunded me £2125 for charges. I have put all of it on debt. Like CCJs. Credit agreements I broke. It’s been a lifeline from my debt. And I can see the green pastures of financial stability.
BUT I think they owe me double.
Have they not set precedent and admitted they were wrong by paying.?
They date the payments from jan 2015.
This actually goes back to may 2012.
Can I claim for more?
Has anyone else been through this?
(I’m also going to claim for my ULTIMATE REWARD £15 monthly fee. Which I never used.


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    The Bank "owe" you nothing. You need to understand that any refund of Bank charges is a GOODWILL GESTURE and that they are not obliged to refund you anything at all.

    You won't be receiving any more, whatever your circumstance.

    Good luck with your packaged account complaint, however...
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    Depending on when you took out the Ultimate Reward account, it could well be time barred for complaint - Halifax sent annual review documents out detailing the charge and what it covered and saying you could cancel if it was no longer suitable (I had the same account for some time so this is fact) - if the account is older than 3 years and they sent you these review documents, they can time bar it. The only thing would be whether it was opened in the last 6 years which would allow the complaint to go ahead.
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