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  • karenburton1305
    I feel like my migraines come and go without much of a trigger, but I know lights and screens make it bad. 

    I found that using neurofen rather than nameless tablets helped, but I'm also tempted to invest in a TENS machine for migraine relief! If anyone has any experience please let me know!! I also get them from dehydration which is my own fault, but don't find caffeine affects it because I'm not a coffee drinker!
  • serena9
    Several things have helped me but none are perfect hopefully they will benefit you too, I've had chronic migraines for over 20 years, most women in my family do and I see a consultant too.

    Sumatriptan - my ride or die, changed my life no exaggeration, if I catch a migraine early enough 50mg works within two hours if not 100mg in two separate 50mg doses works well always, They do have side effects like fatigue etc but instead of three days of immense pain out of my life it can be half a day, I am prescribed these by my GP but if I need more I buy online.

    No alcohol - nothing else to say on this 

    Minimal amounts of the following, blue cheese, dairy, raw onion including the smell, anything that may induce a sinus type reaction
    Minimal stress
    Eating something small every few hours 
    Not sleeping too much 

    I am through the other side of menopause so I no longer get the hormone-related migraines that I used to but other than that no change despite being told that there most likely would be, happy to help anymore if I can.

  • otb666
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    I too had migraines from 47 and feel they were hormone related. 
    Managed them with tripans and ditto previous post about catching them. 
    I am now 8 years on and feel they are stress related as well. 
    I used to be very scared about having an attack at work but the tablets alleviated that fear.
    I do drink a lot of coffee but now WFH and due to retire shortly so will be interesting to see if they disappear. 
    When I first got them I  was suffering for days and recovering after But now i just pop a pill and although I feel my blood pressure drop at least no pain.  
    I also crave Ready salted crisps and hula hoops.
    I think stress is the main cause and hormones.
    I have managed menopause without HRT because I had a lump in breast and when i had biospy they said never take HRT and to be honest I think it just delays it all.
    I have no idea why I have had them the past 8 years but I have learnt to manage them But looking back can truly relate and really had moments in the past where I thought I wish I could die just so I would never get another.  I just think you need to get it sorted so you have a tablet to take when it happens 

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