Concert tickets and third party selling sites

I am looking to buy concert tickets and these sites have the tickets i need.

Stubhub and Getmein.

I realise I will be paying a premium price for them but how reliable are these sites and will i actually get into the gig as i wont be the original buyer.


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    Well I've sold tickets on Stubhub and I'm definitely legit :-) I had 2 pairs for the same concert so only wanted my money back for one set, I wasn't trying to make a profit.

    As for will you actually get in? I don't think my buyers had any problem as not all concert tickets insist that only the original purchaser can use them. Maybe check the ones you are looking at buying to see if that is stipulated anywhere on the official sites.
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    If only we had a Theatre, Concert and Event Tickets subform where all this is their bread and butter!
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    Have you checked on Twickets as they sell at face value?
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