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Dog nail clipper?

in Pets & pet care
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i am looking for perfect dog nail clipper for my jojo. please do recommend some.
Thanks regards.


  • NileNile Forumite
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    Hi, we move threads if we think they’ll get more help elsewhere (please read the forum rule) so this post/thread has been moved to another board. If you have any questions about this policy please email [email protected].

    I’ve moved your thread from the ‘I wanna’ board to the ‘Pets & Pet Care’ board, where it is better suited.


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  • KatiehoundKatiehound Forumite
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    I've got Mikki nail clippers- had them for quite some years. Seem to do the job fine once hounds have been bribed!!
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    Many thanks

  • sherambersheramber Forumite
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    I would recommend you get the guillotine type rather than the scissor type unless the nails are fine ones.

    The scissor type can crush the nail rather than cutting it cleanly.
  • krlyrkrlyr Forumite
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    The Millers Forge brand are good. Another option is to Dremel your dog's nails - the dog needs introducing to it but many take to it better than nail clippers, and you can get a smoother finish.
  • mtbbuxtonmtbbuxton Forumite
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    I have a pair of these which we all get along well with. They also make a guillotine style if you'd prefer them :)

    M x
  • BrynsamBrynsam Forumite
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    Your vet should be able to recommend the best type for your pet.
  • w06w06 Forumite
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    I've tried a few but always resort back to human toe nail clippers, the joy of dogs with black claws (can't see the quick) and an emery board

    Just bought a battery powered Wahl grinder which has been very well tolerated
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