Husbands Royal Navy Application with Past Mental Health Issues(Please Dont Judge)

Husband was discharged during basic training at 16 for depression. They said he could return after being clear for 3 years but have to be checked by a Navy Doctor. According to the Medical guidelines if you've had more than 2 episodes of depression the candidate should be deemed unsuitable. (Wording is should be so im wondering if theres some leeway there), hes had more than 2 documented episodes however being an immature Mummys boy, she would send him to the GP everytime he felt a bit down, they'd make him tick a few boxes and that would diagnose him as depressed all within that 5 minute time slot. There too quick to label stuff and move on to the next patient. A general practitioner in my opinion is not qualified to diagnose mental health disorders. Unfortunately we all suffer from mental health issues at some point. My husband has been clear of the so called depression for 5 years and wouldn't be a risk to anyone.

What i'm wondering is does he even stand a chance or would he just be rejected? Hes had his heart set on this since he was a child and physically trains vigurously everyday for it, theres nothing else he can imagine himself doing so isreally determined to suceed. But i don't know if its doomed to fail or not and would joining a reserve unit or going for a high priority role have any difference? Hes had an evaluation by a forensic psychologist and they say hes totally fine. He also wont be applying until next year at the earliest as even though his fitness is at a really good standard, he wants to improve it further.

Would appreciate any advice that can be offered, thank you very much


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    I wouldn't allow anyone with a history of MH issues anywhere near a gun.
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    My husband serves in the Royal Navy and I can tell you that plenty of people are depressed within the Navy, but they are soon got rid of asap! The best place to ask this would be on a forum website called Navy Net, where there are serving medics and doctors in the RN that might be able to give their opinion on the matter.
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