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Battery-powered strimmers - recommendations, please?

:) Morning all.

I'm contemplating buying a battery-powered strimmer for my allotment's grass path.

If anyone has experience of these, would they like to make product recommendations or warn me off any grade-A lemons out there?

Thanking you in advance. GQ x
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    JustagardenerJustagardener Forumite
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    With any cordless garden tools, go for the 36v models. The 18v, all though cheaper is not that powerful and they can be frustratingly slow to use. Black and Decker produce a well built 36v model.
    Info here might help
  • aylesbyaylesby Forumite
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    This interests me as I was inches away from picking up a B&Q 18v strimmer for £35 at the week end. Any reviews welcome.
  • glennevisglennevis Forumite
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    I have a Makita drill so I bought the Makita cordless strimmer. It is 'only' 18V but powerful enough for grass strimming and it feels well balanced. I'm very happy with its performance.
  • Titan TTI549GTM from Screwfix. It's lightweight, but perfect for clearing paths and can tolerate strimming against borders/walls/even strimming paving to clear stuff from the cracks - all of which my old strimmer used to throw a wobbler if I even tried it. You'd struggle with really thick overgrown vegetation though

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  • cranfordcranford Forumite
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    Mowers need 36v but not strimmers. I have a Worx WG154E 20V Li Ion Grass trimmer which came as mower/strimmer combo from Argos but they are on sale at Wickes for about £50.
    The mower runs at 36v using the two batteries provided but the strimmer uses one battery and very little power drain.
    Unlike my last corded B&Q strimmer (which was a tap tap feed) I have had no trouble with broken lines. This one has a system that feeds when you turn it on off and on but does have a manual override. Also like many other strimmers has the rotating head for doing edges.
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    savemoneysavemoney Forumite
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    I have the B&D 36v GLC3630L20 I use it for allotment and I get around 45 mins constant use on full charge and on eco mode its been superseded model now lasted 3 years so far never let me down

    Edit also has auto spool still using original spool too probably get a few more years usage out of it as I checked it the other day for it annual clean
  • GreyQueenGreyQueen Forumite
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    :) Thank you, everybody, that's given me plenty of food for thought.
    Every increased possession loads us with a new weariness.
    John Ruskin
    Veni, vidi, eradici
    (I came, I saw, I kondo'd)
  • florainflorain Forumite
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    Qualcast 36v from B&Q 18 months ago. Does all the paths on my allotment + the parking area for mine and neighbours plot on one charge. Not too heavy. Very pleased with it. Uses a line spool not the little plastic 'blade' like the McAllister I had previously. Also cuts down the green manure in the autumn before I cover the beds.
  • lily117lily117 Forumite
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    I have one from Lidl, think they have them in at the moment. I love mine, very happy with it.
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