The best lost forgotten threads ?

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While waiting for my cheque today, I got quite emotional thinking about the role of this forum and how it has evolved over the years....

There's been thousands of threads now CLOSED and since long forgotten, there are two that spring to my mind, perhaps that's because I created them ?

It's still amazing that there is still a need for the 'flight delay section' years after all of the landmark rulings.

Just to reminisce I remember all the Centipede posts, that over night magically disappeared, please come back one day and explain Centipede ;)

The infamous Jet2 stays, while the Huzar case was going up the judiciary, Van der Lans Vs KLM and of course the Kimberley Allen case in Liverpool. Ohh must not forget Dawson ! There's so many...... Including the release of PtLs Vaubans Guide..

It's that long ago I can't even remember what the PtL acronym was ? Shameful ! Someone help me out please ?

So what are your favourite long lost moments, thoughts or posts...

I better start with

and of course the Allen Case:-

If you can add any thoughts about our little community please don't hesitate, I need more reading matter while my cheque is in the post ;)


NoviceAngel :A
After reading PtL Vaubans Guide , please don't desert us, hang around and help others!

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