Tenancy Rip-Off

Apologes if this has already been covered.

Had to arrange my Step-Daughters accommodation for university, the tenancy agreement is for 51 weeks, given that the term ends at the end of June, is it fair that she will have to pay for July & August?

I think this is a rip off, is there anything that we can do to avoid paying over £1,000.00 for 2 months rent that's obviously not required?


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    It's pretty normal for university accommodation to be for a full year, and of course there's nothing to stop her continuing to live there during the summer. I'd say it's probably more usual for the summer months to be at the start of the tenancy than at the end, and sometimes the LL will reduce the level of rent in exchange for access to the property to do maintenance.

    Does she intend to rent the same property for the next year? If so continuous tenancy may make sense anyway.

    To avoid paying for a full year she'd need to find a LL that offers a shorter tenancy.
  • APW
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    This accommodation is arranged via the university (Manchester Met). The students should be able to rent for when its term time only. When she does not have a reason to at university my step-daughter wants to be a home or on holiday not forced to stay in Manchester.
  • agrinnall
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    APW wrote: »
    The students should be able to rent for when its term time only.

    Is this your opinion, or something that MMU say but the LL is not adhering to?

    My niece studied at MMU and as far as I recall both years that she was in private accommodation she had to rent for a full year.
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    No one is forcing her to go to University in Manchester or accept those terms.
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    How is the LL supposed to get payment for those weeks the students aren't there, yet presumably leave all their stuff (and mess) there while they're gone?

    Not that I disagree, I have two at uni paying for 12 month lets, but are home for many weeks of the year (Leeds, so seems standard practice). One of them will be home end of may but has paid until end of July.
    Not much choice but to find the shortest let available,
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    The time it is a rip off is when even though they pay for the accomodation they can't use it for all that period. Not totally unusual either.
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    Can you find alternative accommodation that will cease the tenancy at the end of June?
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    That's pretty standard student rental in my experience once you have done the first year

    Occupation is usually from the beginning of September until either the end of july or August although not all students need or want the summer months.

    You usually find that the rental payments are made in 3 maybe 4 larger payments to co incide with the student grant dates.

    This year we have a payment looming for our student offspring on 1st may for an amount that far exceeds the time that they will be in occupation of the property (will leave after final exam beginning of june)
    but that's just the nature of the tenancy agreement that was signed.

    Different agencies do different ways,perhaps look round next year for something more suitable to your individual needs
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    MMU definitely has halls where the contract is for a shorter period. Just looking at their website and the first one I click on was Briarfields that has 39 week contracts.
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