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I have been searching the interet for advice and don't seem to be getting anywhere. I just wondered if you could give me any advice on how to go about getting any financial help for my daughter? She will be 16 in August and has been offered a 3 year dance degree course for September.

They do not accept Dada's and have offered to pay 20% of her tuition fees, Obviously I am very grateful for this but sadly as a single parent I am unable to pay the additional cost on my low income as the term fees are very expensive.
Are there any Grants, Bursaries or even student loans she can take at this age or any other ways to get any financial help? I am heart broken and don't want to tell her she can not attend, after working so hard they only take 10 -15 students on anually and she is so thrilled to have been offered a place. I don't want to let her down. Any advise would be extremely grateful.

Thank you


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    _shel wrote: »

    Age is listed as one of the eligibility criteria, but then simply says there is no upper age limit. Does that mean there is a lower age limit (in which case, will the OP's daughter qualify at 16), or is there in fact no age component at all to eligibility?
  • I always thought there was no lower age, there was previously an upper age
  • BeckyAP
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    There is a question here over whether the insitution/course qualifies for funding through a Student loan.
    A lot of performance colleges don't have an access agreement or similar so students don't qualify for help through student finance.
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    This School does not appear on the list of approved providers for student finance.

    Nor is it on the list of schools who are eligible for DaDA'S

    There are some worrying posts about it Mumsnet

    Could your daughter not go to an approved establishment so could get student funding?
  • agrinnall
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    sheramber wrote: »
    This School...

    Which school, the OP doesn't say which one it is?
  • A Career Development Loan is available, max £10,000. Repayments start 1 month after course ends, and affects credit history if payment defaults.

    I know how you feel, having the same funding issue with my daughter. It seems Performing Arts/ Musical Theatre finance options are not that available. Good Luck :)
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    RaMar wrote: »
    A Career Development Loan is available, max £10,000. Repayments start 1 month after course ends, and affects credit history if payment defaults.

    That would appear not to be the case, as the course has to be a maximum of 2 years (or 3 if including 1 year work experience) to be eligible for a CDL.
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    A course that accepts students at 16 is certainly not a degree course (unless the OP's daughter is of such fantastic ability that all the usual rules are waived, in which case getting a full scholarship would not be an issue).
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    My daughter does performing arts and hopes eventually to go to a drama school.

    This is my understanding of it.

    Student funding for a degree is not usually possible unless you are 18+ (there may be some exceptions, if you live in Scotland for example but I'm not familiar with it all)

    Dada are awarded at certain establishments on the basis of talent and in accordance with household income. These can be awarded from 16+

    If awarded a diploma then if your household income is under £30K you will also get help towards living costs. Over £30K you fund it yourselves.

    It's very difficult unless you live close enough to the dance/drama college so the child can live at home whilst training. Otherwise you're funding both course fees and accommodation/living costs.

    Since you've put 'degree course' I would contact the establishment to ask what financial options are available to you.

    Finally as much as I love this website and I have been here well over a decade, you would probably be better off signing up to a website like Not A Pushy Mum and asking on there. The posters have children who do performing arts and some have already been through this.

    Good luck, I find PA a totally alien world to what I'm used to.
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