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Blue Cross cat rescue

in Pets & pet care
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adandemadandem Forumite
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I have recently filled in an application for a cat at Blue Cross.
The cat is showing as reserved, I would think she'd be quite popular.
The site says it can take 48 hours to make contact with the successful applicant.
Has anyone else adopted through them? How long was it before you heard?


  • boots_babeboots_babe Forumite
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    I'd have thought they'd want to do a home visit first before they considered assigning any animals over, that's the process most rescues use. Good luck!
  • LavendyrLavendyr Forumite
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    Blue Cross often get several applications for the same cat and usually the centre will have a waiting list of people wanting to adopt a cat so they may contact those people first before they look at new applications. If you haven't heard, I'd suggest giving the centre a call and explaining about your application, they can then tell you what the situation is with any waiting list they may have. They can also add you to the waiting list once they understand the criteria you are looking for.

    They may want to do a home visit as well, and they would certainly expect you to visit the cat a few times and spend some time together.

    I have adopted through them but through a slightly different process as I was a short-term fosterer for them and adopted a cat I was fostering, but the above is my understanding of the usual process. They are very, very good at ensuring they match prospective adopters to pets though, so it is worth persevering.

    Hope that helps. :)
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