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    Petplan don't usually negotiate on price but they may offer a lower level of cover for a lower premium but I think again, they exclude pre existing conditions as it is treated as a new policy.

    If there are no pre existing conditions then both Tesco and Morethan have no age limit.

    I insured my dog with Tesco as an 11 year old for £24 but the next year they doubled the premium although he had no claims.
    An online quote for a new policy was £26 but Morethan quoted the same amount so I went with them.

    This year is renewal was £31 so not a huge increase considering the first year I got a 10% discount.

    Just remember, if you change, the new policy doesn't cover illness in the first 14 days so try to overlap the policies. Of course, if you need to claim in that time it will be on the old policy and you may then need to stay with that company, depending on what the claim was for.
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