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MSE News: Pizza Express customers left cheesed off

Pizza Express unveiled its new app today, whetting users' appetite with the promise of a totally free pizza. But unfortunately the launch has proved sloppier than a Sloppy Giuseppe, with disappointed customers left sitting in restaurants unable to get the deal...
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'Pizza Express customers left cheesed off as ‘free pizza’ offer fails to deliver'
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  • HerbalusHerbalus Forumite
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    Why would you go to a restaurant without having the code already on your phone?

    I wouldn!!!8217;t order food because an app was supposed to be sending me a code at some point whilst I was eating.
  • robin58robin58 Forumite
    2.8K Posts
    What I'm cheesed of with is the MSE employing trainee Daily Mail reporters who have to mess about reporting with pizza jokes.

    How about just writing the story with just the facts of the story just like MSE used to do brilliantly once.
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    MABLEMABLE Forumite
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    edited 28 March 2018 at 11:03AM
    We had no problem downloading the app and received the message code will appear in the wallet app in 6 to 12 hours. As we have 6 weeks to use the code and bearing in mind the school holidays we intend to use it when things settle down. Also no sympathy for the idiots who went along expecting their free pizza today.
  • donerkebabdonerkebab Forumite
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    Does the code stay on the app once activated or like O2/Wuntu - disappear if you close the app /restart the phone?
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