Is it worth doing the MA?

aaaaaaaaagh!! :confused: choices choices choices

Ok, so before I got accepted for my MA Degree (by distance learning), the debt free date was looking to be July 2007-if I choose to do this MA, then it'll be July 2008 with me being on even tighter budget- would you go for the MA, knowing that:

a) you would be guaranteed a higher position and better salary :D
But would have to wave goodbye to having nice holidays etc :(

or b) defer till 2007 when you are debt free and then do it:) then that would mean putting off having a child :( (I'm 29 now)

N e advice would be greatly appreciated :confused:
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  • Eliza252
    Eliza252 Posts: 449 Forumite
    mm.. I've got the same dilemma (although not the child thing!)
    - I decided to delay mine - its only a few years and you will be able to get much better results if your not constantly trying to make ends meet.
    I guess its a very personal thing - but 29+ is not that old to be having a child - it really isn't. Surely it would be better to put the breaks on for a few years til you've got that promotion and then you'll have more money to help with looking after baby too!
    I've made my debts bite-size too depressing to look at all at once so am handling them one at a time - first up Graduate Loan £1720 paid off! only £280 to go!!!
    Money to raise for tuition fees: £3000
    When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on!!
  • citygal
    citygal Posts: 67 Forumite
    Thanks Eliza- I dunno, I would like to have one kid at least before the age of 35- and also my MA, but I guess you really can't have it all! So wish I did it when I was younger (the MA that is) :( still better late than never! I'm still thinking about it.....
    Debt /Overdraft/Everything Free December 2007 :j
  • bonnie_2
    bonnie_2 Posts: 1,463 Forumite
    i had my three kids before the age of 30 and wish id left it till later so that i could have enjoyed life while id had some energy i think older mothers have more patience as well. children cost a lot of money so the more financially secure you are the better.
  • libra10
    libra10 Posts: 18,675 Forumite
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    It sounds like you're really motivated to do an MA, so go for it now!

    If you delay starting the course other things may crop up and the chance to do the course might slip further and further away.

    Good luck with what you decide
  • citygal
    citygal Posts: 67 Forumite
    Thanks Bonnie & Libra for your useful advice :T

    I'll just see how it goes-luckily its one of those PAYG MAs so I just pay per module and see how my finances work out -wish me luck! Today having a BA degree is just not enough :( boo hoo but c'est la vie :rolleyes:
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  • Jacster_2
    Jacster_2 Posts: 1,192 Forumite
    Is your MA something that will really guarantee increased earnings?

    Is your MA something that you really want to do?

    If you answer YES to either (preferable both!) of these questions, if it were me, I'd go for it now.

    Good luck
    If it was easy, everyone would do it!
  • mrcow
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    Go for the MA!

    In my experience, if you put these things off, you rarely go back and do it. Life always seems to get in the way somehow.
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    Because by then you've blown your chances. That's it."
  • citygal
    citygal Posts: 67 Forumite
    Jacster- the answer is YES! YES!:)
    mrcow- Yup thats what most of my mates are saying too!:)

    cheers to both of you :T
    Debt /Overdraft/Everything Free December 2007 :j
  • Debt_Free_Chick
    Debt_Free_Chick Posts: 13,276 Forumite
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    citygal wrote:
    would you go for the MA, knowing that:

    a) you would be guaranteed a higher position and better salary

    Guaranteed? Are you sure .....? Can you post brief details?
    Warning ..... I'm a peri-menopausal axe-wielding maniac ;)
  • Magentasue
    Magentasue Posts: 4,229 Forumite
    Could you compromise? Defer the MA for a year, get an extra part time job or lodger so that you start your MA a year later and either debt free or only a few months to go?
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