Keeping Myself On Track....

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    Gulp, I think we need to rethink our savings goals....just a tad! I need to stop spending money on carp, and keep on selling anything that I don't want to take with me to the new house. Found 2 old mobiles that are going to get me the grand sum of £10 today :)

    I think I'll have about 6 weeks' worth of bills available once we move, not sounding very good is it?!?! But, once I'm not spending goodness knows how much in petrol to get over to KW's 2x a week (he lives about 30 minutes' drive from me and doesn't have a car) and we're enjoying cooking and chilling out with my DD at our home, hopefully we'll both be able to save more of a buffer.
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    Kittikins, in some circumstances that is a massive amount to save up, but we're in the unusual situation that I've just finished a PhD and so for the last year I have had zero income. As a result, we have a lodger (or rather, two lodgers for the majority of the time, now down to one) in our house to help with the bills etc and have been forced, through necessity, to live a life that we can afford on a little over my husbands salary (for the past year, once my stipend finished, we partially lived off money that I'd saved from the first three years when I was funded). This means that the difference between the lower earners income (my husband) and our total critical outgoings isn't too huge. Our current plan is to control our lifestyle inflation, which means a significant portion of my salary can go straight into savings for a house deposit. Once the two of you are moved in together, with the reduced petrol costs and two incomes to help out, hopefully you'll also be in a much stronger position too! We don't know if we want children yet, but factoring the cost of that into our life plans has also forced us to keep costs down as much as possible (for example, we're pretty much decided that we'll buy the house we currently live in from my parents, our landlords, even though it's in a pretty dire area and not very nice, because the cost of jumping up to a house with parking and in a slightly less crime-ridden area would stop any possibility of us being able to afford children [by which I mean childcare costs or reduction in salary to go part time])
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    Hi all! So just a little update on last night....I did manage to stay awake, but the last 10-20 minutes were killer! Really just wanted to pass out. Went home and literally did pass out, but only managed 4-5 hours of sleep due to my body clock being like "what's going on, you should be awake now it's 1pm".

    Also....thankfully I didn't jinx myself last night....BUT....I am back on night shift AGAIN tonight!! It's only 8pm and I am already feeling tired. It's also already been busier than yesterday. However I am holding onto as much wood as I can for the rest of the night. haha

    As per yesterday, though, it's extra money, so I can't complain too much. Just got to keep my end goal in mind. I actually spent some time last night ogling motorbikes I want on the interwebz :rotfl:

    Time to grab a brew and settle down for another shift. I am already glad I booked Monday off in preparation for needing to recover after this. Thing is, I have done weeks of night shifts offshore in the past, no idea how I used to do it. I can barely get through 2 nights these days! Oh, how things change!

    Anyway, have a good evening all! I might pop back on here at silly 'o clock tonight if I haven't passed out at my desk by that point.:rotfl:
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    Well done on thinking about the emergency fund Kittikins and pinknsparkly, your advice, was superb. The cost of my house was so high- I think I have spent over £60,000 doing it up since I moved in. As dear Firewalker used to save houses cost serious money and there is no landlord to fix things you have to pay for it yourself but in the long term it is a benefit. Renting out a room is something I have only started doing recently but it has been a godsend with regard to additional income.
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    So....yesterday I crunched some numbers and realised I am much further along than I originally thought!! I actually had to check 3 or 4 times incase I made a mistake. Seems like my original emergency fund plans would have been enough to tide me over quite comfortably for more like 15 months, not 9-12 as originally planned!

    I have scaled back my goals to a firm 12 months worth of expenses in savings and I am very glad (and surprised) to say that I should have reached my goal by pay day at the end of this month!! :D

    After that I can start to save for things I really want opposed to being sensible. lol
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