Paying off the interest on Argos Store Card.

I lost my job recently and couldn't pay off the full balance as the BNPL ended on a PC I bought in-store, so now I have little money to pay off the outstanding balance. And yes I have to pay interest, which is £115 APR quid from the date of purchase. At the amount I can pay each month, it will take me about 5 months just to pay off the interest alone, and then start paying of the actual balance. Yeah it would be great if I had another job, but I've ust moved 30 miles and left my family behind (and my dog) just to get the job I have now lost. No matter, the interest is high when you've got no money coming in.

I will never again take for granted that I could lose my job at any time, and this means I will not likely ever buy something like a PC with credit in the future.

Lesson learned.

As I live and breathe...


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