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I’ve booked a flight to the USA in the summer and intend to stay 3 weeks. Travelling about and doing trips.
I want to book the trips before I arrive, car hire, hotels and a return flight.
I’m budgetingto spend around £5k. I’ll be able to pay it off in full when I get back.
I don’t have a credit card at the moment. Is it better to get a credit card that gives 0%on purchases; a cash back card or a loan? I know that booking flights and things on a credit card gives more protections should things go wrong. Is there a suitable card for this? TIA


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    Ideally you would get a card with no foreign exchange fees for use out there, and a cashback or 0% card for the bookings beforehand if in sterling. But if you have a limited credit history, your options may not stretch to that.

    I would start with a quick eligibility checker - no point in chasing after something good if you're stuck at the sub prime end of the market.
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    If any of the bookings are being made on US websites then the no exchange fees card would probably be your best option for those too.
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    TBH, if you're paying it off when you return, they'll be plenty short term 0% interest cards available to you. Maybe better going for one that'll give you something back, ie, cashback, rewards etc. Unless you're planning to use it again for anything.
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    If you intend to use the card mainly abroad a combined travel card and 0% purchases card, for example the Virgin Money travel credit card. may be a good idea.
    You mention using the card to book flights for the S75 protection but as you have already booked your outward flight it's a bit late for that.
    You mention that you want to use this card to book your return flight. Suggest very strongly that you book your return flight before you go otherwise you risk being denied boarding on your outward flight and will almost certainly be refused entry to the US if you arrive with a one-way ticket.
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