How to stop getting credit?

Am trying to find a way of helping a vulnerable relative resist catalogues/credit debt, compulsive spending etc
We’ve tried mentoring, control over bank account , taking away stressful responsibilities, all with their permission and relief that we have saved them from disaster, but they can’t resist the compulsion to catalogue shop etc.
The addiction prompts incredible secrecy and ingenuity, that leads to debt and crushing anxiety and shame. There is no ‘cure’ so we’re looking at damage limitation, life quality improvement with occasional agreed splurges to avoid permanent cold turkey meltdown.

If a pre paid credit card was the only form of money, is it still possible to get credit, can you think of any loopholes?

Any suggestions much appreciated


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    You could put a Notice of Correction on the credit file which would stop most automatic credit. Credit providers may still give credit, but it puts hurdles in the way and depending on what is put as a marker it may achieve what you want.
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    nic_c wrote: »
    You could put a Notice of Correction on the credit file which would stop most automatic credit. Credit providers may still give credit, but it puts hurdles in the way and depending on what is put as a marker it may achieve what you want.
    Saying what?..."I have an addiction to credit. Please refuse me"?...or "I once had an addiction to credit. Please call me to see if I still have the addiction"?

    Your original suggestion of...
    nic_c wrote: »
    You could put a CIFAS marker on the credit file which would stop most automatic credit.
    ...may be a better idea. Category 0, ie 'protective registration', but it's more normally used to deter possible impersonation attempts following a burglary involving ID theft (or Equifax mishandling of data!).

    However, either may be classed as abuse of the system?
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    Interesting, thanks, I don!!!8217;t want to abuse the system, but I!!!8217;ll look into those ideas. Thanks.
    Is there anything like full on guardianship or living power of attorney to prevent it? They would be willing.

    Forgive me Im about to have a rant, please ignore below if youd rather not read it.

    It needs new laws, these companies have an appalling attitude to this problem, they really dont care where they get their money from, they know someone will pay the bill, which perpetuates the problem.
    We could say, no, youre on your own again, and let the consequences happen, but its our family who pick up the bankrupt pieces, been there, done that twice, it doesnt work, because they are borderline vulnerable, and unable to fight their addiction long term.
    Its infuriating, doctors cant give inappropriate meds, shops cant sell alcohol without a licence, banks cant make you have payment protection, but catalogue companies and money lenders can repeatedly give credit to vulnerable addicts knowing it ruins their whole life when they cant pay. This situation is not about those of us who think oh sh*t, Ive messed up big time, must sort it out, get some advice and then do it.
    Im talking about those with mild or borderline learning difficulties, or full on addicts, who cant stop themselves, who think they understand what to do, but don!!!8217;t have any real grasp of the system and pitfalls.

    Imagine, buying a cheap t shirt through a catalogue company, because you genuinely need one, then got confused forgot to pay on time, so late fees occur.
    Cant afford those, panic and hide the problem, extreme anxiety, fees turn into fines, bailiffs, bankruptcy, lose the car, cant work, lose everything including treasured possessions and family heirlooms, pray family doesnt find out, cant afford rent, homeless, cant survive one night on streets, alone and hopeless, attempt suicide......

    Yes, catalogue companies, it all started when you allowed credit, but fair enough, you couldnt have known thats what would happen the first time, but you have no excuse for the second, because you ignored warning letters pleas, explanations, advice, and are still selling them things they cant pay for.
    Explain to me why you have to risk assess before you can put a new waste paper bin in the office, but there is nothing in law to stop you actively targeting and enabling debt in vulnerable people in the name of sales target achievement?
    Do you get a bonus incentive for taking on a new customer, even if their history proves incapability?

    Is it because you hope someone will bail them out and youll get your money plus extra fees in the end?

    Do you call the bailiffs in when it becomes non cost effective to chase the money, or because you hope they can be more heavy handed to recover the money for you?

    When they have lost everything, and there is no further chance of payment, do you wash your hands, give it six months, then personally target them with enticing advertising again?

    When they respond by phone or on line do you accept them as a new customer, pretending you have no prior knowledge of their vulnerability and history of non payment, and that it wouldnt matter anyway because you are not obliged by law to refuse them on the grounds of previous debt/suicide?

    And if they wrote to you, stating that they have an addiction, and requesting you reject any applications they make in a moment of weakness, would you still say its not your responsibility to refuse them?

    I hope one day this is bigger than the ppi scandal....

    Thanks for listening. x
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