London Theatre tickets missold?

I purchased tickets for 'The Exorcist' at The Phoenix Theatre from / Encore Tickets.

These seats were listed as non-restricted view. However there were a number of scenes during the performance I was unable to see in their entirety.

I assume 'non-restricted view' is a one size fits all statement. You are able to see the stage from these seats, so they list these tickets for all shows as 'non-restricted view'.

In the case of 'The Exorcist' though there was a second stage which was elevated much higher than the main stage. From my seat this stage was cut off entirely by the seating level above me and the lighting rig.

That is a restricted view.

I contacted Encore Tickets about this and they told me 'there are no obstructions to the view of the stage from that seat'. Which is pretty frustrating, because it's not true for this show.

They seem unwilling to rectify the situation or even acknowledge it. They said 'we only sell the tickets on behalf of the theatre' which is a huge cop out, because they labelled the tickets and took my money for the tickets. So 'only selling the tickets on behalf of the theatre' seems like it's entirely their responsibility.

I went from being a little disappointed at missing significant scenes of what was a great show to being pretty !!!!ed off to be dismissed so quickly.

What can I do?

I don't have photos of the interrupted view, I can't really buy tickets in the same seating position to get into the same show in order to photograph it and prove it to them...


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    How are the tickets sold on the theatre's own website? Do they mention any restricted view?
    What do you want to happen? (i.e. are you looking for a partial re-fund, or for new tickets to a different performance?)

    It may be worth writing to them, explaining the situation and

    I suspect that they may well take the view that the description was correct - the stage is visible, it's part of the scenery and set which weren't. Unfortunately I don't think that directors or designers look at the stage from the cheaper seats.

    Have you looked on to see if anyone has posted photos showing what can be seen from the area of the theatre you were in?
    All posts are my personal opinion, not formal advice Always get proper, professional advice (particularly about anything legal!)
  • It’s really bad to know that you had been missold the tickets. I too had such an awkward situation when I went to watch my favorite show “Phantom of The Opera”. I was not aware whether I was in the right seat or not! But, I was misguided as they spell it as the non-restricted view.
    I was frustrated. Later on, I decided to watch another show with my friends. One of my friends booked tickets from LSBO, I was unsure about the seating, but, this time I had a great fun!
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