Who regulates freebie websites?

I am writing for advice about freebie websites, social media and their associated online activities. I need to find out who regulates their online activities. So far I have tried Advertising Standards, the Direct Marketing Association, Trading Standards, Facebook - I have even tried doing a Who Is Search to find out who hosts the websites but the website hosts do nothing.

I run a project that gives away sunflower seeds. It is primarily an activity to raise awareness of rare neuromuscular conditions. It is a non profit organisation that I run in my spare time.

For the past two years my project has been advertised on a number of freebie websites and this has caused seed distribution to stop but this is the third time freebie websites have caused issues. Promotions appear on their websites, social media, in their newsletters and are mailed to their subscribers. I am never consulted in advance before they do their promotions and this results in complete chaos. When this happened early this month I received in the region of 800 emails over two days.

I have emailed all the organisations and asked that they remove the information from their website and social media but have only heard from two. One advised they saw my project on a freebie website and copied the information - therefore it wasn't their fault, another quickly sent a £20 donation which they state was 'a gesture of goodwill and by no means any admittance of error on our part'. I contacted a third of the websites via their Facebook page, as they have no way of making contact through the website only to find the message I sent them last year asking them to remove their promotions staring me in the face.

The aim of The Big Sunflower Project is to raise awareness of the rare neuromuscular conditions known as centronuclear and myotubular myopathy. It does not give away free samples. The project raises awareness by sending seeds to people who have never heard of the conditions and requesting photos in return. The photos are posted online which again raises awareness of the conditions. If I am fortunate, some of the participants make a donation for their seeds, this secures the project for future years and enables me to send seeds to as many people as possible each year.

Funding and donations are crucial for the project and I am unable to run it without them. There is no team or large organisation behind the project, it is just me. The level of work that is generated by these promotions is unbearable, the freebie websites couldn't seem to care less and unless I can stop these organisations doing what they are doing, I am not sure I will be able to continue for another year. The issues caused include the huge amount of emails I receive, it is like the worst spam email - many of the requests refer to 'your recent promotion' or 'the promotion on your website' both of which are incorrect - the promotions are nothing to do with me. Then there is the disappointment caused to the people who had hoped to receive free seeds which can generate horrid emails.

I am so very proud of what I have achieved with my project but I am just one person. I always refer to it as a voluntary organisation with charitable aims. I don't have charitable status and I certainly don't have the finances to take any legal action. It feels as if each time it happens, I just have to take it, while the freebie websites break what I have created, then do nothing to help and I am left to pick up the pieces.

I would be grateful for any help.
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