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I just wanted to know if anyone has been in my situation and if you have, how did you handle it. I am in the final year of my course, Pharmacy, and i had a change of event at the end of my 3rd year, as my residency as an EU student changed.
I was due to receive a Permanent Residence but did not get this residency status till after 3 months into the academic, December.
Student finance now claims i am not eligible for tuition fee and can only receive maintenance loan for term 2 and 3 and at this point I am receiving withdrawal emails from my university.
I am hoping to appeal this decision but wanted any advice if anyone has been in this position before.


  • If an appeal is based on a point of legislation based regulations, then it's going to fail. An appeal is only likely to succeed if the funding body have incorrectly applied the regulations.

    If the regulations state you can only receive funding as a home student for full terms when you have settled status, then your appeal will fail.

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