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    My ideal plan is to get my mortgage down and then be in a position whereby I can either pay it off if i needed to OR let the mortgage run its course paying a lower monthly amount safe in the knowledge I have the money to pay it all back so effectively put the money into a separate account, change the DD and forget about it effectively :) Not have to worry about will i be able to pay the mortgage back.

  • Booked an appointment with my mortgage people today. They have booked in 90 minutes but I think when they find out I am only one month into a 12 month notice period they will laugh me out of the bank within minutes.

    In terms of spending I had a poor evening and am currently drinking a bottle of champagne and having a kit kat chunky.

    I am not sure about my new job in general, I also wasn!!!8217;t expecting to have to start managing somebody out so early. As jobs in my area are so few and far between I will be here for a while
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  • Well I had my first ever NSD on Sunday, I almost didn!!!8217;t as I fancied bananas with my weetabix, but told myself I didn!!!8217;t need them so went without. Hopefully when I get my train travel sorted and don!!!8217;t have to buy a ticket everyday then I may have a few more.

    My account is looking quite empty already this month. I am due over £150 in expenses back from work which will help a bit.

    We were told we are getting a 2% pay rise today, we could potentially get more if the unions get their way
    Mortgage £75,300 (December 2016) Mortgage Free Date December 2051

    Mortgage £17,350 (December 2023) Mortgage Free Date 1st March 2024
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    Yay for your NSD and the pay increase :j
    First home- Oct’16 until June’21: £170.995- Overpayments made £13,784 (25% extra!).
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  • I was at my parents this weekend so managed two NSDs in a row, something that is unhead of for me.

    I had an appointment at the bank in my lunch break and they said I could borrow more, so hopefully by the end of the year I will have staircased up to 45% ownership! Just need to get on to the housing association now and get the ball rolling

    My flat has gone up slightly more than I expected/hoped (40k in two years) so my new mortgage payments will really limit my ability to overpay. It will mostly be Tilly tidies and little bits here and there, but I will be paying less in rent so that makes me happy.
    Mortgage £75,300 (December 2016) Mortgage Free Date December 2051

    Mortgage £17,350 (December 2023) Mortgage Free Date 1st March 2024
  • So my pay rise equals £35 extra a month, not loads but will always come in handy. I thought it would have been slightly more but my student loan repayment has gone up proportionality more than I expected. Not that I am complaining as I can’t wait to pay that off!

    I had an electricity meter installed yesterday, so far today I have used 35p! I am worried I may get a bit too addicted. My first response after seeing how much it had gone up during my shower was to consider showering less. Maybe I should just work on shorter showers!

    I have just made my end of month overpayment of £155.20, I have got very lax about updating my overpayment signature I do not think it is right at all. I am certain that mortgage is currently £66,600

    I finally had my first survey on PA, £2 in the bank. Will have to see how that goes but could be a good way to earn a little bit extra.

    I have also listed my first ever items on eBay. I have a collection of cash kidston mugs that are no longer made. There are some on there for £15/£20, but they don’t seem to be shifting quickly. I have put the first five up at £9.99. Let’s see how they go.
    Mortgage £75,300 (December 2016) Mortgage Free Date December 2051

    Mortgage £17,350 (December 2023) Mortgage Free Date 1st March 2024
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    Sounding good :)
    I like Cath Kidson :)
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  • Have updated my SOA in the OP

    My budget is a lot more clear this time, and the amount leftover truly reflects what I am left with at the end of the month, and that is what goes to the overpayment!
    Mortgage £75,300 (December 2016) Mortgage Free Date December 2051

    Mortgage £17,350 (December 2023) Mortgage Free Date 1st March 2024
  • Well, I had an interview for a job that would have cut down my commuting costs massively and been a 13k pay rise. I didn’t get it, but that wasn’t completely unexpected. Have an interview lined up for one job that cuts done on commute and is a 3k payrise and about to submit for a job that would be a similar commute but a 10k pay rise
    Fingers crossed I get one of them as I made the wrong decision with this job i currently have.

    Have had a bit of a spendy month, but am still within budget mostly. The biggest thing has been buying tickets. I put £40 in my budget pot but this month so many things have gone on sale for the next few months that have come out now but should mean that other months are more reasonable. For September to January I have booked in:

    Theatre ~ 3
    Ballet ~ 4
    London Film Festival ~ 2
    Museums/Exhibitions ~ 2
    Shows ~ 2

    This is one of the reasons I couldn’t leave London! But these are all paid for now and I suspect only a couple of things will crop up before the end of the year. I saw the importance of being earnest at the Vaudiville yesterday with Mummy BmBG and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. We had been to see all of this Oscar Wilde season, and this rounded it off nicely.

    I am slowly plodding away with selling my mugs and prolific, I am leaving all the money in PayPal and circle to the end of the month when I will withdraw and overpay with it.
    Mortgage £75,300 (December 2016) Mortgage Free Date December 2051

    Mortgage £17,350 (December 2023) Mortgage Free Date 1st March 2024
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    You are paying £150pm rent for each of the 3/4 you don't own.

    How is the value changing you may want to look at the economics of staircasing.

    The interest on another 25% may be less than the rent.
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