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    I am doing the Payment a Day challenge, so can I not include that in the NSD’s? If so, I’ll sign up to the challenge!
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    Happy 01st March!!!

    Pinch punch first of the month and no returns!!! Did I actually get in first this time haha?

    Hugs Raphael I think you have the right mind-set taking each day as it comes. Hugs EagerElephant too - it's good to have you back.

    Great post about 'consistency' Applemuncher and I've definitely belonged to the latter camp... been so strict and felt like I have no life - until suddenly something gives and I go on a massive spend. Moderation in all things right?
    This month I am going to allow myself some little guilt free treats... Because I'm worth it <swishes hair>

    Who needs imagination when there's an insert image facility haha... Ahem... For you F0xh0les! Can this be my guilt free treat this month please...?


    Ok... cold shower time... Then to my budgets...

    Aiming for 18 NSDs... Even with my need to shop more often due to lack of storage space in the fridge/freezer... twice a week should be easily enough, leaving a few floating free days for other things.

    Budgets: Food and Spends £200.00. I have lumped them back together again this month. As cooking is sort of becoming a new hobby... if I opt to use my spending money on ingredients then so be it.

    Budget Book - check! I will record all of my spends. I was a little sneaky and did my first shop yesterday so I don't have to use a NSD :D

    I give to World Wildlife Fund (only £5) and will put some in the local food bank at the Supermarket.

    All payments to savings, my car payment and rent go out first of the month with just my mobile straggling mid-month. Otherwise the rest is budgeted for.

    Good luck everyone!!!

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    raphael - sorry to hear about your MIL.

    What a day yesterday ended up being. DH turned back with the kids and got home about 8.50 am. The school then sent a message at 9am saying they were closing and could everyone collect their children, we would have had to go straight back if they were there, it was all very difficult due to the time it started snowing. School is closed again today, we have about 7" here and it has drifted and is still snowing.

    I had a Sainsburys delivery booked for teatime yesterday but they didn't come but the worst thing was they never rang to tell me, I rang customer services and I was fuming, they have re-booked me for tomorrow but I'm not holding my breath, I will need to go out for some milk and butter today though.
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    RhiBi wrote: »
    I am doing the Payment a Day challenge, so can I not include that in the NSD’s? If so, I’ll sign up to the challenge!

    I can see how the two are incompatible! Please join us, and your PAD payments will not lose you an NSD so long as you spend nowt else.

    F0xh0les - I was going to say taht the image on the page was not at all what you (and abundant!!!!) were thinking. It was a piccy of 3 glasses (like shot glasses) with each one filled with a colourful liquid. The gist of the text ended up being about detox diets not working. Pretty pic, but NOWHERE NEAR AS GOOD AS THE ONE ABUNDANT TREATED US TO :rotfl:.

    Abundant - you got in there first with the pinch punch thing. Go you!:T

    My dd is in school today - the head sent out an email yesterday asking parents to ensure that their child had wellies/boots with them - so that they could go out and play in the snow at lunchtime. How awesome is that!
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  • RhiBiRhiBi Forumite
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    I can see how the two are incompatible! Please join us, and your PAD payments will not lose you an NSD so long as you spend nowt else.

    Thanks Apple Muncher, count me in then please :)
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    Gooood Afternoon Turtles and happy 1st of the month :D

    I made it in to work :T:T Very proud. The fact that my husband drove is irrelevant :rotfl:I am fed up of this snow now, snow is only fun for a day and then it becomes impractical! I am already bracing myself for my walk to Aldi tomorrow in search of nappies, in my head it looks like a scene from "The Revenant" :rotfl:

    However, having made it to work, I have been able to pick up my LOs new Potty which I ordered with some vouchers I was given :D much posher than anything I would have ever bought him, makes noises when he goes and he is very jazz hands so he will LOVE it!! :D

    Tax free childcare finally cleared :j woop woop and I am all set for the month
    £1750 Emergency pot
    £700 Paris
    £130 Fuel
    £229 spends
    Help to buy ticking over nicely!

    Abundant I am going to treat myself this month too. Hub has basically told me I need to lighten up (charming) and stop worrying about every penny. I find this harder than I should I think!! I can get a bit obsessive :cool::cool: balance is indeed the key!!

    Frogs- nag hub to sand my chairs down :rotfl: ( to be fair to him he is waiting on something for his tool from Amazon), change photos round in my house and buy a new bed for my LO. This will need to come from my EF but it wont be a fortune and he does need a single bed. It has been on our wish list for a while :)

    Hope you all get off to a great start :T:T:T (this is me cheering us on)
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    Hi all,

    Today will be a SFD as I have a snow day from school!!! Its the first one Ive had in 8 years of teaching.

    Ive done lots of school work so hopefully I can have a fairly quiet weekend with little work :)

    Budgets are all set, monthly food shop and batch cooking were done between payday and the start of the month. I feel prepared to have a successful month :)
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    What a sight to start the month one can only dream lol. Going to get my spending under control this month DD Birthday but have built this into the scheme of things. Good luck everyone.
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    pocketfluffpocketfluff Forumite
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    Today is the last day before payday so we literally have £0

    But its turned out to be a pretty frugal day :D

    1. EDF sent us vouchers today for the Warm Home Discount so that has been a massive help. We have £140 to pop into gas and electric which is a godsend as weve been spending a fortune on heating the house and had to have no gas days and wrap up instead. Very hard when your front door is bent like a banana and lets all the heat out :(

    2. Ive made a vegetable curry for hubby with bits and bobs out of the cupboards abd freezer. So frozen cauliflower and broccoli, frozen mushrooms, a tin of sweetcorn, a jar of tikka massala sauce and uncle bens microwavable rice. My daughter will have a waffle and spaghetti.

    3. Ive ran out of cat and dog food so Ive thawed out some frozen chicken and they eat like kings tonight lol

    4. I collect my free socks from M&S for my birthday :D nice cosy toes tonight

    5. Weve spent the day off work today, are all snuggled in bed so Im going to do some productive work on my laptop still in my pyjamas with a nice coffee while hubby watches stuff on his phone and my little girl has our bedroom tv to herself watching cartoons.

    6. I also bathed the dog (one of my frog tasks) so hes lovely and clean! And snuggled in bed with us.

    Tonorrow morning Im meeting my friend at Costa for a coffee and a catch up then were going to the retail park for cleaning products. As its payday it will not be a no spend day :( and not really sure how to save on the coffee!
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    Please may I join in? I will be a plodder but if I manage 15 NSD's then I will be well chuffed...starting MAT leave tomorrow :j

    Still in debt but happy :cool:
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