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MSE News: Millions with basic bank accounts...

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More than five million people with basic bank accounts are unable to 'pay at the pump' when buying fuel at many petrol stations because of a block put on their debit card by their bank, can reveal...
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'Millions with basic bank accounts barred from paying at the pump'
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  • WillPSWillPS Forumite
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    I'm also blocked on my Tesco Bank account, which isn't even a basic account. Most annoying, as it also seems to prevent the card from being used as a Clubcard.
  • 20aday20aday Forumite
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    I have a current account with Tesco Bank as well and my Visa Debit card is the same.

    Pro tip: download the Clubcard app and you can change the QR code into a barcode via the settings; when you’re using Tesco [email protected] you are then able to earn Clubcard points that way.
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  • If my bank did this to me I would close my account with them. The bankashould be fined for this action, one would think it is their money they are trying to protect. If they think their customers are uncredit worthy they should say so instead of letting many people down in this uncaring way, bloody vermin that they are.:beer:
  • arcon5arcon5 Forumite
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    I've a Barclays basic and can use at pay at pump
  • Nodding_DonkeyNodding_Donkey Forumite
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    We've got Co-op basicbank accounts and they work so which banks don't?
  • twhitehousescattwhitehousescat Forumite
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    the list of banks is in the article
  • ceredigionceredigion Forumite
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    This comes under the category be careful what you wish for. Certain financial campaigners lobbied long and hard to force banks into offering accounts to people they wouldn't normally want as customers . The result is a basic account for which you cant go over drawn. For that reason the debit card is online only. If the pay at the pump facility cant verify you have the money , you are declined. Simple, its not the banks doing , these people aren't credit worthy, they trashed it nobody else. Society just wants to blame others for their short comings.
  • Whenever I use pay at pump, they only previous authorise £1. So as long as my balance is over a £1 no problem.
  • BoGoFBoGoF Forumite
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    Gwb62 wrote: »
    Whenever I use pay at pump, they only previous authorise £1. So as long as my balance is over a £1 no problem.

    But as the article says if and when the petrol pumps are upgraded the pre auth will be £100 so if you dont have that available then no fuel.
  • onomatopoeia99onomatopoeia99 Forumite
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    tony541 wrote: »
    If they think their customers are uncredit worthy they should say so
    They are basic bank accounts, which are for people that aren't credit worthy, so yes they do think that. That's the whole point.
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