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This current spate of spam messages is ruining the site for me.

The messages are all in the same style, including a phone number in the title and repeated similar lines in the body, which would not be in a valid post.

Surely rules can be written to catch these proactively, rather than waiting for people to flag them as spam.

Another option would be to add a validation step to a new account, eg a confirmation email, before a new user can post.


  • GDB2222GDB2222 Forumite
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    There is one user Harrington who has just posted over twenty of these messages. The trouble is that spammers can easily outwit any account validation measures, even if it needs a bit of manual intervention on their part.

    I suggest not allowing so many posts on a new account though. Maybe limit to 3 a day for the first week and until a poster has at least 6 posts that are not spam. It is not foolproof but it limits the damage.
    No reliance should be placed on the above! Absolutely none, do you hear?
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    I'm feeling that MSE don't understand this problem.

    I was asked several times earlier this morning to solve a captcha while trying to post. Trouble was the captcha image was blank.

    After several changes to browser settings I eventually succeeded.

    Clearly the automatic spambots aren't being required to do this.

    How can I avoid the captcha in future? Do an antivirus check.

    Whoever wrote that doesn't understand the difference between email spam and forum spam.
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