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O2 "business" contract

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O2 "business" contract

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I've been sorting out my grandmothers direct debits and she has 2 contracts at the moment, so she wanted to cancel one, upon speaking to O2 they've informed me they cannot do anything because the contract was set up with a 3rd party telecom called Aerial Telephones.. She explained to me that when they rang her they said it was time to renew her current O2 contract, she agreed to it.. However she never agreed to a 3 year business contract? I can understand the usual 2 year contracts but because it's for a year longer than expected it's more money for nothing and on the basis they sold her a contract with misinformation is there anything that can be done? I've put in a complaint through O2 but have yet to hear back.



  • O2 don't appear to have sold your granny anything so I'm not sure you should be complaining to them.
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    Your gran should have been provided with a copy of the credit agreement at the time she entered the contract. This should have detailed how long the agreement was for, how much the payments would be, how frequently, total interest payable and also total repayable.

    It is also (under the consumer rights act) for a business to show that the consumer was not acting for purposes wholly or mainly outside of their trade/craft/profession. If they can't then its a consumer contract and they should have complied with your grans consumer rights - including those under the Consumer Rights Act and also the Consumer Contract (Information, Cancellation & Additional Charges) Regulations. The former might not help much in this scenario but the latter might - because they would have been required to provide her with certain information in a durable medium (assuming she signed up over the phone and not in person - if in person they need to give certain info but not in a durable medium).

    The company who sold it, were they the contracting party or were they acting as an agent? If the former, you should complain directly to them (ofcom have a page here detailing how to complain about how a service was sold) in the first instance.
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  • Did you ever get anywhere with this as I’ve the same issue with my mother in law?
  • born_againborn_again Forumite
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    Did you ever get anywhere with this as I’ve the same issue with my mother in law?

    From 2 years ago?

    Take the advice from the above posts to try and resolve.
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    OP hasn’t been online since that lost... so unlikely to get an answer there.

    Either follow the advice already given or start your own thread.
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