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MSE News: Ofgem to trial collective energy deal

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Energy regulator Ofgem is to trial a collective deal for 50,000 customers who haven't switched for more than three years - but you needn't wait to save. ...
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'Ofgem to trial collective energy deal for 50,000 customers who haven't switched in 3+ years''
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  • robin58robin58 Forumite
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    Ofgem, instead of fiddling about with this stupid idea, just MAKE the electric and gas companies give the best price regardless if your an old customer or new, swapping suppliers or not!!!

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    This is not the type of activity that I would expect any Regulator to get involved in: I just wonder how the CEO of one of the Big 6 is going to react with the possible loss of 50K customers? If I was that CEO, I would be looking for financial compensation for every consumer that switches. I assume that, as part of this misguided scheme, Ofgem intends to run some sort competition to decide on their collective partner? It would be more logical in my view for this to be a charity rather than a PCW.

    Clearly, Ofgem doesn't grasp why switching difficulties; extremely poor customer service; inaccurate billing; demands for staggeringly high DD payments and blocked transfers might put many people off. Ofgem would improve customer trust in the switching process if it took quick and positive action against those suppliers who are so evidently not providing an acceptable level of service. Suppliers that it has Licensed. Can it be right that a Regulator starts an investigation in January 2018 into alleged SLC breaches by a supplier in early 2017, and it expects to take up until the end of the year to report? This is just another example of how unfit for purpose The Energy Regulator is as far as domestic consumers are concerned.
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