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DLA change of bank details

Hello, I am still on DLA, but I need to change my bank details.
Currently, if you are still on DLA and ring a change of circumstances they immediately change you over to PIP regardless. Does anybody know if this would be considered a change of circumstances?
I need to know so I can time it so as not to be hammered at bills time.
Thank you.


  • dipsydipsy Forumite
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    I can't answer that, but I would guess this would not trigger a change of circumstances.

    I am sure someone will know the answer, but unless you want to cancel your current account can't you set up a d/d to transfer the money from one account (old), to the other other (new) account
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  • AmesAmes Forumite
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    A new bank account isn't a change of circumstances.
    Unless I say otherwise 'you' means the general you not you specifically.
  • It is likely in fact probable that you will be moved from DLA to PIP anyway sometime this year. But as above change of banks won't trigger that.
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    I changed my address with DLA, it didn't trigger a change of circumstances and trigger a reassessment so you should be okay. This would be a bigger change than a change in bank details.

    I'd been stressing out about changing my address, but a keyworker with the housing agency I'm with called and it went through no problem.

    Sooner you get it done the sooner you'll worries should be over.

    It's stressful I know, but they do need your new bank details (so it goes into the right account) - the longer you leave it the more stressed you'll be.

    If you can't make the call yourself or you don't feel up to it it might be worth asking CAB to make the call for you.
  • As far as I am aware, changing bank details does not mean a change in circumstances.
    You ring them up and they send out a form to be filled in with the new banking details.
    For obvious reasons, they do accept such changes over the phone.
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