Leaving Virgin Media - do outbound still try?

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Hi all,

I gave VM notice on my broadband, telephone and TV package back on 18th January after coming to the end of my contract, and retention deal - new price was £49 per month! Ouch.... What was offered on the phone to me wasn't competetive, so I gave notice.

I've not had a call from outbound, as was the case the year before. Do they still exist, and if so, are they likely to get in touch? I've had nothing to date.

Sky were doing a cheaper deal on broadband than the VM advisor would do - £18pm with line rental, ADSL(not fibre), and a £50 gift card plus whatever from the cashback sites.. Last year I was paying around £25pm to Virgin for broadband and TV, so I was hoping they'd offer something similar to retain me but the CSR was only willing to do £33pm with a new 12mo contract.

I helf off on ordering the Sky deal but it's now time I got something done, as I've only got a fortnight left before I'm disconnected.



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    I suspect it depends on whether you're seen as a profitable customer.
  • That may explain it - I have a total spend of only £300 per year, give or take. I only really used the broadband(50mb up until last month when they upgraded it for free), as the TV box is so slow and full of channels I can't get. I tend to just schedule recordings on it but use freeview day to day.

    I don't know if that's profitable to them, but from looking around I can get much cheaper internet, so they must be making something from me!
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    I would get a new contracted started ASAP.

    1. It will take at least 2 weeks to sort
    2. A number transfer from VM is likely to cause them to ring u and offer you a retention deal!

    you have 14 days to cancel it

    You will only get freeview channels for £25, I think
  • I've not moved landline number before - am I able to get a porting number(or equivalent) from Virgin after giving notice to end my account?
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    Normally you ask the new provider to port your old number.
    They don't like that, and give excuses. :rotfl:

    I think I read on here thAt the Vm number still needs to be live to port it.
    So you need to get on with things for many reasons !
  • Yeah, I came to similar conclusions earlier tonight. I've cancelled my Virgin cancellation, booked Sky in for an install - just waiting for a confirmed install date and I'll re-cancel Virgin.

    In hindsight I wish I'd just left my original notice to cancel to run - TopCashBack are giving £90 for a new Sky broadband customer, plus the £50 gift card from Sky, so if it all goes through that's £140 in my pocket and a cheaper bill each month. I'd hesitate to remain with Virgin now even with their usual retention offers, given the large price difference!
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    Yeah could have left it another week.
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