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Advice on an Industrial Injury Benefit claim

Hi, guys hope I'm in the right place, I'm looking for any advice on Industrial Injuries Benefit Assessment. I made a claim for it last December I think and I had a response from them saying the decision maker had decided my claim was, in fact, a workplace injury and has arranged for me to attend an assessment but on the last letter they sent me they said the assessment is different to a medical examination and is to ascertain what effect this is having on my everyday life. My first MRI scan shows 1 herniated disc and 1 bulging disc which the hospital have offered me an operation for. sorry to go on but can anyone shed some light on this, please.


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    I think they are saying that the examination they make is to calculate benefit based on how you are affected and not to find the actual problem and treat it, as that is a doctor's field.

    They are also acknowledging that the disc problem is due to industrial injury, which is not always the case.

    My multiple herniated discs are the result off aging.
  • I did a quick google 'industrial Injuries benefit assessment' and found this:

    If you do the same I hope you will find more information you need, if you haven't already.
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    Thank you for that. I had the assessment and tbf it was ok and straightforward and the doctor ( what speciality she didn't say) she admitted she wasn't ofay with this type of assessment but I don't think its well known about unless you look for it. but she did lots of writing asked how it affected my everyday life and hobbies then took photocopies of my latest fit note, MRI report and mental health referral. Then done a simple examination of reflexes( which are none existent now) and what range of movement i have in my leg.after that she became human lol.
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