Earn $10 A Day on Neobux 2018

As our old thread was stuck in a time warp, (2016) thought it was time to bring it into the present. :D

As the title says........Our aim is to try and earn $10 a day on Neobux which none of us are achieving yet.:rotfl:

Neobux is a paid to click site where you earn small amounts from clicking daily ads and there are the usual offer walls, surveys, and tasks.

To really get anywhere though, you purchase referrals who in turn earn you money. There are different levels to move up with Ultimate being the icing on the cake.

Neobux is quite complicated to get your head around initially and it's not a get rich quick scheme by any means. Its a long term commitment which I personally think is worth spending time on.

Any newcomers are welcome and us regulars will answer what we can. Dont forget to use the referral board. :D
Make £10 a Day Feb .....£75.... March... £65......April...£90.....May £20.....June £35.......July £60


  • Renting Referrals

    Basics of Renting

    You can only have direct referrals after you meet these conditions:
    - Been a member for at least 15 days
    - Have made at least 100 clicks

    There are limits to the number of referrals you can rent or add direct depending on your membership type and time using the site.

    Rented referral renewal discounts:

    - 15 days = 0% discount
    - 30 days = 5% discount
    - 60 days = 10% discount
    - Autopay = 15% discount
    - 90 days = 18% discount
    - 150 days = 25% discount
    - 240 days = 30% discount


    Try to extend RR's for 240 days ASAP to minimise costs and maximise profits.

    If extending for less than 90 days enable AP but if extending for 90 days and over turn AP off.


    AVG is (#RRClicks/#RR)

    Daily Profit = Daily Earnings - Daily Expenses

    Daily Earnings= Your clicks, your referral clicks, minijobs, adprizes, offers, all in terms of money. For example 10 clicks from referrals = 10*$0.005=$0.05

    Daily Expenses= Daily referral extension cost, daily membership cost (if any), recycling costs. Example if you extend your referrals for +240 days you need $1.12 every 240 days or $1.12/240=$0.0047 daily cost for 1 referral. Multiply for more refs.

    How to calculate BEP for standard membership?

    Referral cost is $0.20 (30 days)
    Referral Click Value (Standard): $0.005
    Formula is: ($0.20/$0.005)/30=1.33 AVG

    Basic cost is $.20 rental + $1.12 240 day extension so at $0.005 per click a rr needs to click 264 ads before they are profitable (1.1 ad clicks daily) - if you recycle then the number of ad clicks needed before a profit is made increases.

    Useful Terms/abbreviations

    AP - AutoPay (automatically extends refs for you if they have more than 20 days left) Don't forget to manually extend refs with less than 20 days.

    BEP - break-even point (the point at which cost or expenses and revenue are equal)

    DR - direct referral (joined using your ref link or user name)

    PTC - Pay to Click

    RR - rented referral (rented on site)
    Make £10 a Day Feb .....£75.... March... £65......April...£90.....May £20.....June £35.......July £60
  • Congratulations Gromit on your 30,000 points and another free year of Golden membership. :beer:
    Make £10 a Day Feb .....£75.... March... £65......April...£90.....May £20.....June £35.......July £60
  • Hi KM!! Been a while since I posted. To be honest, Neobux has slipped my mind a little recently. It seems to have been a lot quieter on there since Christmas.Nowhere near as many Ads.

    Not much has changed with my account as a result. Given up on Adprizes for now too, I haven't won anything since September :(

    26 RR's
    6,899 Points
    9,908 Coins
    $3.150 in my account.

    No extensions needed for another 3 months, but reluctant to get more RR's just yet unless the number of Ads increases.
  • GromitFan
    GromitFan Posts: 316
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    Hi KM and cufc_mike. :wave:

    Thanks for starting the new thread KM. :D

    cufc_mike - Yeah, quite slow with the number of ads just now, so think you are sensible taking it easy with the RR. No point in overstretching yourself, though think if I'd your balance I'd be tempted to buy even just 3 as you've almost enough anyway to pay for them and then extend them for the 240 days when it comes to the end of their first 30. Not sure I'd be brave enough to try many more than that, but guess you could then reassess after you extended them (if you did buy just a few more), or obviously if the number of ads increased (and your balance did too).

    I'm aiming to remember to buy 3 RR tomorrow evening and then I'll be sitting there for ages as that will take me to 500RR. My current plan is to get all 500RR extended so that I don't have any due within the first 120 days and then start buying more RR to take me on my journey to 750. Guessing that it will be after summer before I'm able to even think of that (unless the number of ads suddenly increases).

    Suppose the advantage to lack of ads is that I'm actually getting more time to do non-neobux things. Normally not very exciting, but all things that need doing.

    Oh, just remembered the reason I thought to come to post...
    Had a banner at the top of my ad page that said to complete a survey for $1.00. Well, I clicked in, answered a couple of ususal start of survey type questions, thought I was going to get kicked out, but nope - asked me what my biggest achievement was of the year and why. I typed in a sentence (not too short, but not exactly a paragraph) so you can imagine my surprise when I got credited for that little effort. :j
    Hope others also get that on their neobux. I'd be surprised if I get anything like it again though.
  • Thanks for the info on the $1 survey. :beer: I had seen it but as Im trying to get to target on last day of swagbucks......couldnt be doing with a long winded survey but as you said........One answer and a nice liitle bonus in the balance. :D

    I dont have any that need extending now until Valentines day and there is usually a promo around that time so now saving like mad to extend a whole bunch more in the never ending extending cycle.

    Dont give up Mike.......just keep clicking away and just rent what you can afford.

    Dont forget to rent Gromit!!!!
    Make £10 a Day Feb .....£75.... March... £65......April...£90.....May £20.....June £35.......July £60
  • GromitFan
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    Hi KM.
    I'm also trying to get target on last day on month on SB. Almost there, thankfully. May take some time off SB though as getting a bit fed up with it. Loads of 20 minute surveys for a measly 32SB. No way am I putting that effort in for that payback. Plus, don't think I'd be able to get the bonus from a full month in February anyway as we're away a couple of nights, so as well to take it easy.

    That's really good that you don't have any needing extending until the middle of February. Fingers crossed for a promo. :)
  • Its very rare I get the full month on swagbucks and I sometimes wonder if its worth it for the extra time it takes. I never stop doing swagbucks altogether but will not be aiming for target every day in Feb. I have a life and work and exercise and an allotment and kids and a husband. Oops. :rotfl: Just as well said husband doesnt read what I put in here.........wouldnt be too happy about being last ;)
    Make £10 a Day Feb .....£75.... March... £65......April...£90.....May £20.....June £35.......July £60
  • Yeah, likewise - I often don't manage full months on SB, but SB can be so annoying at times like when you've almost done the month and then get days when it seems near impossible even to reach the first target. But as I did manage in January, should get a nice bonus :D

    Anyway, back to the subject of this thread...
    Just bought 3RR, so that's me now at 500RR :j:j:j
    Had originally hoped to get to this point in October, but just didn't happen and then we were on holiday for a week in October, but at least I've finally got to 500RR.

    Now to sit here for what will no doubt seem an age. But no point in stepping over too soon.

    Current Stats are...
    RR: 500 :D
    Balance $16.242
    Points: 163

    Hope everyone else is doing good :)
  • Well done Gromit on the 500 refs :beer:

    Nice little amount saved as well. You'll be catching up to me before long. :D
    Make £10 a Day Feb .....£75.... March... £65......April...£90.....May £20.....June £35.......July £60
  • GromitFan
    GromitFan Posts: 316
    First Post First Anniversary
    Thanks KM. Yeah, sure feels nice to have finally reached 500RR.

    Think I'll sit here for a while (if I can control the urge to buy more RR). But my thoughts are that it's most sensible to give me a big enough gap to buy the next 250 without bothering about having to extend the 500 I already have, which is why I hope to stay here until I've got around 120 days of no RR needing recycled. That will be a mammoth task in itself.

    Not really sure what my plan is after that, whether I'll aim for ultimate one day, or not. Or whether I'll look at one of the cheaper gold packages....

    Did you decide on whether you were going to go for Diamond?

    And can't see me catching up, but that's fine. I'm happy with you a year in front. Gives me an idea of what to maybe do next. lol.
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