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care Alarms

I'm not sure if this is the correct forum, but I have an 80 year old mum who
- has some health conditions
- still tries to get about
- does not have dementia etc

She wants to get a care alarm after a few scares.

I've looked around at what's available and so far my conclusions are
- There are A LOT of companies offering these services (and her council)
- Basic alarms are 1 way pendants (including safa, lifeline, careline, telecare24 etc) - and I worry in a reasonable size house that she could be away from base unit
- PPP/AgeUk offer a 2 way pendant (can speak direct to agent)
- we then have fall alarms etc (which she doesn't want/need yet)
- and then mobile/gps trackers (also not wanted)
- with no close relative within 20 mins a keysafe is def. needed
- would add family - 1.25-2.0 hours away, and find a neighbour or two locally
- would install a keysafe, probably Supra C500

Is that a fair summary

Is there much to chose between the providers. Cost is easy to see on website, level of service is harder but I have a suspicion there's a lot fewer call centres than companies!

Are the two way pendants useful? Who else might offer them? Do they still have good battery life? I'm thinking it provides a better guarantee of finding out more in a particular situation - nature of issue, urgency etc.

Presumably the keysafe is installed by a local locksmith or similar? Do the companies typically only provide the unit? Or do they manage the install too?

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  • Have you asked social services for a care assessment? they would probably send an OT to make suggestions.
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    Hi, i have had family members who have used a care alarm service in the past.

    I would as recommend above get in touch with your mums council and request a care assessment via social services. They may just discuss things over the phone and advise on what you can do and arrange for alarm to be fitted etc.
    Although your mum doesn't need care as such, if social services are involved in the help, should the need arise further down the line then she will already be in the system.

    My local council provide a care alarm service which they did charge roughly £20 per month, per household.
    Try and find out what type of pendants they have, one family member had a neck pendant whilst the other didn't like it and they provided them with one that was worn on the wrist like a watch.

    They should also supply 2 way pendants.
    Over the years the 2 way pendants have been very useful, if the agent couldn't get a response they would always send someone from the care team to check on them. This was good as one relative sadly became very deaf and couldn't always hear them.
    The batteries lasted a long time and if there was any damage or if the pendant stopped working then we could phone them up and they would make a prompt appointment and replace/fix as needed. They also ask that pendants are checked monthly, whether they have been used or not.

    With regard to the key safe, no as far as I'm aware doesn't need to be fitted by a locksmith, we had one like this

    When its opened up there are 4 predrilled holes for fixing on wall if you can find someone to fit it, combination easy to change and easy to use.

    Hope that helps
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