how should a student prepare for life after uni

I am a second year student at uni, living at home so financially, I am quite comfortable. I receive a maintenance loan and also have a part time job. Whilst I am comfortable I would like to prepare for the future e.g gathering a deposit for a mortgage or growing a good credit score.

I have recently just opened an account via an app on my phone called moneybox. it gathers spare change and invests it. However, i am unsure as to whether this is considered an ISA and if so, would this mean I would be unable to open another ISA and invest my money elsewhere? If it is possible to open another ISA or an investment account, what are my best options as a student.

Similarly, would it be wise to open an account such as the help to buy scheme in order to help organise a deposit for a house so that i receive the maximum support from the government (25% = £3000)?

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    For most people the only ISAs worth investing in these days as LISAs and occasionally S&S ISAs. What you have is certainly not an ISA.

    You would be better to ignore that you are a student and just look at saving the way anyone else would, read the MSE guides and post questions on the Savings board where would will find more expertise than most people posting on here will have.
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    As above.

    However, you should start doing things like looking at what you want to do after university. I assume next year is your third and final year.

    - Applications for graduate schemes open up as early as September. I received job offers just after Christmas after applying in October. Definitely get a head start. Numerous people (including my brother-in-law who is in the same year as you seems to want to do) have waited until they graduate to start looking for a job. This is silly as you are just sitting there unemployed during the summer!

    - Try living out of your home. This is expensive (renting for 6-12 months) but you will learn a lot. This will also help when you get to own your own home. Purchasing straight from living at home can be costly as there is a lot to learn

    - Help to Buy ISA is good if you are purchasing outside of the south east. Now where I live, you can only get 1 bedroom flats for less than £250k, so it's not worth it as you wouldn't get the bonus

    - ISA is a specific type of account, you'd know if you had one.
  • The fact that you live with your parents is very relaxing. I agree with Lokolo that you need to try to live separately. When I was a student, I worked as a freelancer. This work even now helps me when I need extra money
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