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Dusty's Frugal Fortnights

edited 16 May 2018 at 11:28AM in Debt Free Diaries
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  • edited 26 May 2018 at 5:09PM
    dustydiggerdustydigger Forumite
    712 posts
    edited 26 May 2018 at 5:09PM
    have finally finished the kitchen walls,very pretty,a sort of yellowish cream,which will go with my yellow curtains. I still have the gloss to do,leaving that till Sunday as I will have visitors tomorrow. Dont want the Angel and the Imp covered in paint!
    Also on Sunday I need to rearrange the table etc in the dining room - well,really just a nook,7.5ft x 7 ft.I've got to move the hoover,my shopping trolley,the panstand,a load of boxes of books,kids toys and oddments that are usually stacked under/on a unit I keep there when the drop leaf table is in its normal folded position.Pulling up the leaves so that 5-6 of us can sit round the table means removing pretty much everything else.The metal unit is now on the yard,and goodness knows where I'll put everything else :rotfl:
    Some ends up on the yard,under a tarpaulin. In the past I might has foisted some stuff off on my neighbour,ramming them into her garden shed on top of her stuff,but her daughter has moved back home and has piled her stuff in there up to the roof!:D
    Wish I had £300-£400 lying around to afford buying and erecting a garden shed. We have one cupboard under the stairs to pile brushes,carpet shampooer,mower and strimmer etc in. Glad we now have a smart meter because that saves the meter readers risking an avalanche when they wanted to battle through stuff to reach the meter:rotfl::rotfl:
    How DO these minimalists manage to have those empty places? I think they are mainly single people in a good sized place,certainly minimalism with a family is incredibly unobtainable.:) I class Mr Dusty plus DS2,(who still has masses of possessions in my home) as the equivalent of at least 4 children

    It just goes to show that people have too many possessions these days - or just have packrat partners like Mr Dusty:p
    SPC 2019 # 012 - House & Home Fund 2019 - £35 (+ c/f from 2018= £566) AF Mar-Nov 269 days+ Dec 19/24 Books read 2018:153 Prolific £5.20
    total savings 2018:£1992:jcard xmas savings 2018:£145:)£2 Savers 2018 - £220

  • dustydiggerdustydigger Forumite
    712 posts
    I am resting this afternoon,the painting has been terrible for my knees and feet. All that climbing up and down steep metal ladders with narrow rungs has turned my feet into tender painful burning torture,and my knees are stiff. Very little sleep last night because of the pain,and the legs are very swollen too.Isnt it a good job that that I am very much used to living in pain,its almost been my natural state for many many years!:D:D Still masses of work to do,all the bedrooms and the bathroom ,but at least I wont be climbing ladders much!
    One week to go.......
    SPC 2019 # 012 - House & Home Fund 2019 - £35 (+ c/f from 2018= £566) AF Mar-Nov 269 days+ Dec 19/24 Books read 2018:153 Prolific £5.20
    total savings 2018:£1992:jcard xmas savings 2018:£145:)£2 Savers 2018 - £220

  • edited 25 May 2018 at 4:11PM
    dustydiggerdustydigger Forumite
    712 posts
    edited 25 May 2018 at 4:11PM
    Its absolutely chucking it down,running down the windows so you cant see out. Naturally,my window cleaner did the windows yesterday,it never fails to rain after he has cleaned them.:rotfl:

    We were wondering what had happened to him,its about 6 weeks since he was here,normally every fortnight like clockwork unless the weather is totally horrendous. We were worried that perhaps the company had closed down,with the economic mess these days you never know.
    Turns out 2 people left,and the remaining 3 are struggling to cope with the work. They are finding it difficult to recruit staff,the young people dont want the hard work in all sorts of difficult weather for little pay.The strain was telling on him.
    That company have been cleaning our windows since the 70s!:eek:.
    I clearly remember our man starting working back in the late 90s,so thats 20 years probably for him. I suppose the owner must be getting on a bit now.What will happen if he decides to retire,close down the company? Thats what was worrying me and my neighbour (she moved here in 1974,a mere newbie.My family have been here since 1936!)
    SPC 2019 # 012 - House & Home Fund 2019 - £35 (+ c/f from 2018= £566) AF Mar-Nov 269 days+ Dec 19/24 Books read 2018:153 Prolific £5.20
    total savings 2018:£1992:jcard xmas savings 2018:£145:)£2 Savers 2018 - £220

  • dustydiggerdustydigger Forumite
    712 posts
    Thought I would do a part of the gloss painting in kitchen today,so I could try to fit in the staircase banister tomorrow as well as kitchen door and skirtings,as we are usually visitor free on Sundays (though that Sunday dinner takes up a lot of time).
    Got up the ladder(ouch legs killing me!) and did the rail for curtains above kitchen sink window,then got a visitor for 20 minutes. Did the dining room window rail,then two familyturned up for 30 minutes. Halfway through first side of the fluorescent light fitting and yet another turned up,only 5 minutes but its a distraction. Back up the ladder to finish that first side and just gave up as I was having to get up and down to make the dinner too.:mad:
    I reckon I climbed up and down that ladder at least 10 times,and its agony.I was right to decide to leave it till Sunday,no distractions then. Sorry but in future I will have to factor in the £200 per room cost for decorator,I am definitely past this decorating lark!
    After lunch and washing up I sat down with a cup of tea and woke up an hour and a half later:eek:
    I sleep so poorly,waking up about 4 times an night and taking an hour or more to go back to sleep,I think I'm not getting more than 4-5 hours sleep a night,and dozing off for 90 minutes or more in the afternoons to compensate. I hate sleeping during the day,I feel so sluggish for hours afterwards:(
    Here comes Mr Dusty from his den. He will probably complaining about his rubbish football results. He did make £40 profit the other day,the bookies will have wanted it back today I'm sure.
    Then I will have to sit and suffer through Saturday night moronic TV.....
    SPC 2019 # 012 - House & Home Fund 2019 - £35 (+ c/f from 2018= £566) AF Mar-Nov 269 days+ Dec 19/24 Books read 2018:153 Prolific £5.20
    total savings 2018:£1992:jcard xmas savings 2018:£145:)£2 Savers 2018 - £220

  • dustydiggerdustydigger Forumite
    712 posts
    Fortunately he just wanted me to locate something on his tv so I am back again.
    I finished the final book of the final Birthflower challenge on LibraryThing.Its been great fun searching for books to fit the criteria,preferably from our TBR (To Be Read) piles. And boy,do we have LOOONNGG lists of books to be read! Here is this month's challenge;

    Welcome to the May challenge. May has two birth flowers to enjoy,

    the lily of the valley


    and the hawthorne.


    The Lily of the Valley is a sweetly scented, highly poisonous woodland flowering plant that is native throughout the cool temperate Northern Hemisphere. Other names include May bells, Our Lady's tears, and Mary's tears. Its French name, muguet, sometimes appears in the names of perfumes imitating the flower's scent. It was designer Christian Dior’s favorite flower, so the perfume Diorissima has its scent.

    It is the national flower of Finland, and also appears on the coat of arms of the Norwegian town of Lunner. It is a favorite in bridal bouquets, including those of the late Princess Grace of Monaco and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. It is symbolic of humility, chastity, sweetness and purity, and the return of happiness. In certain Christian legends, it was said to spring from the tears wept by the Virgin Mary during the crucifixion, or from Eve’s tears as she was driven from the garden of Eden.

    The Hawthorn is native to Europe, Northwest Africa and western Asia. Other names include mayblossom, maythorn, quickthorn, whitethorn, and motherdie. It is a shrub tree with small flowers in groups of 5-25, with white petals and numerous red stamens. Later in the year, it produces a small dark red fruit called a haw. They are edible raw, but more commonly in jellies, jams and syrups or to make wine or to flavor brandy. Hawthorn is one of the more common species used in herbalism, often to treat cardiac issues.

    In Ireland, hawthorn is associated with fairies, and those who believe in them will not disturb a hawthorn plant, which can only safely be cut, according to lore, when in bloom. It is often regarded as symbolic of hope, and was carried by the ancient Greeks in wedding processions. In Christian lore, it is said to have been the source of Jesus’ crown of thorns, and French peasants once believed that it groaned on Good Friday.

    For May:

    1. Read a book with a white cover or with a title that refers to tears, crying, weeping, etc.
    2. Read a book that features a wedding, or that is set in Norway or Finland
    3. Read a book that includes a medicine, a poison or perfume in the plot

    Dusty's Birthflower challenge for May

    1. Read a book with a title that refers to weeping:David Cooper Wall - One Cried Murder
    2. Read a book that is set in Finland : Tove Janssen - The Summer Book
    3. Read a book that includes a poison in the plot :Ann Granger - Say it with Poison

    Finished!:TWe start a new challenge next month - The Monthly Alphabet challenge,starting with the Amazing,Astonishing,Astounding Letter ''A''.:) I'll locate books for it and share with you next Thursday just before the visitors arrive.Wont be online after that for a week.
    I am hoping that they will all have smartphones this time. Last time they stayed here,4 years ago, all six visitors had a laptop with them. I think my stepson sleeps with his,I certainly never saw him separated from it when in the house. Back then I had what I thought was a very generous 40 GB internet allowance from when my son used to use at lot of internet ( I only use about 6 GB a month) So imagine my horror at the end of the month to find we had used 84 GB,£1 penalty per gig over limit:eek:And they only stayed 5 days.:D

    Glad to say I am on unlimited now,and most people just use their phones to google stuff. Amazing change in culture in a handful of years.
    My 18 month old great granddaughter has her own toy ipad,and actually knows how to play games on her gran's real one.She can change the pages by swiping across the screen:rotfl:
    I will probably be the last person in Britain to get a smartphone. I hate the things,much prefer the laptop.

    Mind you I have probably been put off by all the crises Mr Dusty suffers with his:eek:
    SPC 2019 # 012 - House & Home Fund 2019 - £35 (+ c/f from 2018= £566) AF Mar-Nov 269 days+ Dec 19/24 Books read 2018:153 Prolific £5.20
    total savings 2018:£1992:jcard xmas savings 2018:£145:)£2 Savers 2018 - £220

  • beanieloubeanielou Forumite
    71.1K posts
    Part of the Furniture 10,000 Posts Name Dropper Photogenic
    You have been a very busy bee.
    Lou~ Debt free Wanabe No 55 DF 03/03/14.
    **Credit card debt free 30/06/10~**
    **Weight loss 2 stone 2 lbs **
    MFW. 10 months to go. B)
    "A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of" Jane Austen in Mansfield Park.
    ***Fall down seven times,stand up eight*** ~~Japanese proverb.
    It starts with you, it starts from now. *** It is ok to be me.***
    ***Keep plodding***
    Out of debt, out of danger. ***Be the difference.***
  • dustydiggerdustydigger Forumite
    712 posts
    Well I certainly have been a busy bee,Beanie Lou, this morning.Painted the skirting boards,and the fluorescent light fixture,but I am leaving the door and its surrounds nd the banister rail till tonight,in case of visitors. And no matter how many times I warn him,Mr Dusty seems to be fatally attracted to gloss paint. Last time I did the stairs he ruined a coat,so hopefully tonight he can navigate up to bed without liberally smearing himself with paint.:D
    If I had known the visitors were coming after all this year,I would have used the month Mr Dusty was away to do painting in peace and quiet and without almost breaking down the marriage.;)

    After a second terrible messy attempt the other day to help paint the kitchen we had a flaming row and he has refused to help me since. Thats why its taking me so long. I have to scrape paint off kitchen cupboards,the window,and the plastic surrounds of the door,and the floor. Nightmare!:rotfl:
    Dinner is on,beef,roasties,carrots,broccoli. The kitchen is like an oven because of the oven blasting away and the sun pouring in.Its about 24 C. Wish Mr Dusty ate cold food or salads,its pretty torrid making full meat and two veg in this kind of weather.:mad:
    This afternoons tasks;
    +now,finish the dinner prep, serve and wash up

    +move everything back in kitchen,the living room looks like Steptoe and Son's!:rotfl:got to be careful though not to smear the paint.

    +iron kitchen curtains and put them up. Yellow checks,go lovely with the new cream with a hint of yellow walls.very pleased with the final result of the painting.
    +tonight do kitchen do and banister rail.Just found the red doorstop paint had dried up,will have to buy more.then final cleaning of the brushes used with emulsion.will chuck away the gloss brush,too much hassle getting it clean!:D

    +do my usual end of fortnight purse emptying etc,and think ahead to the next fortnight,going to be chaotic,doubt if I can be accurate. can but try.
    +have a good nap this afternoon,and perhaps fit in a detective TV episode or two. My recorded stuff is almost filled,I never have time to watch:o

    +Mr Dusty's supper.
    SPC 2019 # 012 - House & Home Fund 2019 - £35 (+ c/f from 2018= £566) AF Mar-Nov 269 days+ Dec 19/24 Books read 2018:153 Prolific £5.20
    total savings 2018:£1992:jcard xmas savings 2018:£145:)£2 Savers 2018 - £220

  • dustydiggerdustydigger Forumite
    712 posts
    Decided not to have a nap,see if I am tired enough tonight to get a good sleep.Feet not hurting so much today,so I may get to sleep easier.
    Instead took my shopping trolley to Tesc* for potatoes,onions, milk,butter and lemon juice.Daylight robbery as usual in these small shops. £9.50!:eek:
    .Lovely and sunny,but the wind was quite sharp as usual,but I soon warmed up.It was about 17 C.

    Annoyingly while I was out DS2 called in and Mr Dusty asked him to get the single bed base and mattress out from behind the wardrobes in Mr Dusty's den. We stacked them away so Mr Dusty would have plenty of space in his lair.
    Of course I am shampooing the bedroom carpets tomorrow,and now the base is propped up against the wall in the den,you can barely open the door (only 8ft wide,so wardrobe plus bed plus open door takes up all the space:() Then the mattress is leaning drunkenly against the wall in the guest room,entailing shifting back and forth as I work. I have a lot of the grandkids toys to pack and move,and to move the bed around,rearrange the furniture,and turn the mattress (they tend to use the bed as a trampoline!). Now a damned mattress is in the way. I TOLD Mr Dusty we wouldnt get the bed out till Tuesday or Wednesday,but its in one ear out the other.Men!:mad:
    As you may have noticed,I'm getting just a teeny bit frazzled:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:
    SPC 2019 # 012 - House & Home Fund 2019 - £35 (+ c/f from 2018= £566) AF Mar-Nov 269 days+ Dec 19/24 Books read 2018:153 Prolific £5.20
    total savings 2018:£1992:jcard xmas savings 2018:£145:)£2 Savers 2018 - £220

  • edited 27 May 2018 at 7:22PM
    dustydiggerdustydigger Forumite
    712 posts
    edited 27 May 2018 at 7:22PM
    Will do my new fortnight budget today,far too busy from now on,but first I must start Mr Dusty's supper. He wants plantain,carrots,creamed veg sauce,and the last of the meat. I wrap the plantain in foil,and it isimmers in the steamer for 2 hours,nice easy job,less work than roasties.
    SPC 2019 # 012 - House & Home Fund 2019 - £35 (+ c/f from 2018= £566) AF Mar-Nov 269 days+ Dec 19/24 Books read 2018:153 Prolific £5.20
    total savings 2018:£1992:jcard xmas savings 2018:£145:)£2 Savers 2018 - £220

  • edited 27 May 2018 at 8:18PM
    dustydiggerdustydigger Forumite
    712 posts
    edited 27 May 2018 at 8:18PM
    Wow! Some changes to the visitors plans in a phone call half an hour ago.My stepson was planning leaving USA on 31st May,arriving here Friday 1st,and leaving for Africa early Friday 8th.He is building a small block of flats there,and also has other family business to see to.He intended to stay there from Saturday 9nd till Friday 15th,so as to get back for work the following Monday 18th in USA.
    Now however he has to be in USA on 11th without fail,he has had to rearrange all his plans - with 2 days notice:eek::eek:
    Now he is traveling first to Africa today 27th. He will stay till 4th June,then come here 5th,and leave as planned on 8th.Just 3 days.
    OK ,I have 4 extra days to prepare,have a lot less meals to plan but there are some major downsides. The family - including 3 cars - would have been available Friday-Sunday. I had thought a nice picnic,a drive up to Alnwick castle,then a leisurely drive back down the spectacular Northumbrian and Durham coast. Fish and chips for supper!:D
    Unfortunately from Monday everyone is back to work,school and college,some not getting home till after 7 pm.So no outings. Mr Dusty is shocked,he dearly loves to sit for hours and hours just talking away with his son,in his own language which he hardly ever hears,thought he would have a whole week.Meanwhile the girls want to be out and about,but Mr Dusty needs me there to cook,so the girls will be very bored just wandering around our dull little town.
    DD1 will manage Thursday off,will try to prepare a leaving meal for the whole family after 7 pm,but no one can get days off,they took them for the school holidays,and now people at work are going away for holidays,just taking days off suddenly is nigh on impossible.
    Wednesday DD2,will finish work and get back by 7 pm,after an hour's commute,so we are going to meet her in the city for our fave Chinese all you can eat restaurant. She will only see her half brother that one evening because she,GD1 and their boss are going off to Spain to do a presentation for their company on Friday,all week she is frantically busy.
    As is DS1,who is taking over as a director of a spin off part of his boss's heat engineering business,as boss of an online sales section on top of all his training and assessment commitments. At least he is around some weeks he is away in Halifax,Glasgow,orWorcester. You can imagine how busy he is.At least they all thought we would have the weekend all together,and then they could pop in in the evenings,perhaps doing a little driving around with the girls for a few hours. Now everything is up in the air.
    So,less work effort and expense for me personally,but more problems for the visit as a whole.
    Does ANYTHING ever go to plan in my life?I certainly cant say life is boring!:rotfl::rotfl:
    SPC 2019 # 012 - House & Home Fund 2019 - £35 (+ c/f from 2018= £566) AF Mar-Nov 269 days+ Dec 19/24 Books read 2018:153 Prolific £5.20
    total savings 2018:£1992:jcard xmas savings 2018:£145:)£2 Savers 2018 - £220

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