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I submitted an online PPI claim with Barclays via Resolver 9 days ago. Barclays texted me yesterday quoting a complaint reference number and promptly paid £3k :beer: in to my current account.

However, this morning I received a letter from Barclays which identified the PPI policy number together with dates, which ran from 1995 to 2006, however, there are 4 complaint reference numbers in total - one of which was settled yesterday.

The other 3 complaint references were all 'currently under investigation'. Do I assume that the payment of £3k yesterday is the first of potentially four and more payments are likely to follow?

On further analysis of my monthly premiums, it looks like the refund paid by Barclays to me of £3k just covers the monthly premiums paid over 11 years and none of the compound interest at 8% has been refunded. So am I right in anticipating at least 1 more payment covering compound interest, potentially £3k to £4k? Fingers crossed.


  • Hi,

    It is more likely to be for other things you held with Barclays such as overdraft. I had different references for different cases just like you and got different payouts as well. It's worth giving them a call. They should be able to tell you what is the reference relate to.

    Fingers crossed
  • I filled in the form on the NatWest website on a whim on the 4th Jan. I received 12 text messages with different references on saying they were investigating and last week got text messages saying they had sent letters for 10 of the references, just got home from work to find 1 of the letters has arrived with an offer of £2691...looking forward to the post over the next few days!
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    laburnum01 wrote: »
    none of the compound interest at 8% has been refunded.
    The 8% interest is simple, not compound.

    You can ask for a full breakdown of any redress you may receive.
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    Credit card redress is different to loan redress. Did you have loans or credit cards? I can't tell from your post.
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  • So, after my first letter offering £2691 I've now received another 9 offers - just shy of £20000 in total with 2 credit cards still being reviewed
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