Barclays as a mule

Hi All,
Long time stoozer, not much of a poster :-)

Current stooze pot is 30k against my offset mortgage which is now saving me 60-70 in interest each month - over 2k since this mortgage started.

I haven't been using BT cards via a mule for a very long time (still missing Egg)... I've seen people do this with Virgin and MBNA on these boards recently though.

I closed my Virgin card a few months ago with a plan to re-apply in another few months (right now they don't want to know me). *But*I have a Barclays card that I use as a backup spending card when everything else is maxxed. Does anyone have any experience of using barclays to go into a +ve balance and if they will then transfer to a bank account?



  • Alternatively, I also have a post office card - anyone tried them with a +ve balance?
  • mrs_T
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    Have successfully done this with Barclaycard a few times but not for a few years. No problems getting positive balances refunded via secure messaging.
  • TheBanker
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    Don't tell the bank you want to open a mule account. In banking, this term is used to describe accounts used to launder the proceeds of crime!
  • Cheers, I already have the Barclays card, was just looking for anyone that might have tried using it with a +ve balance.
  • savingholmes
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    Barclays sometimes do low fee money transfer offers.
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  • Dibbler
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    An update to close the thread - used Barclays as a mule just fine.

    There was a slight issue with transferring the positive balance over to by bank account as the first of my bank accounts they tried wouldn't work for some reason. I tried with a second account (same phone call) and all went well. BUT... for my 'inconvenience' they gave me £25. :-)
  • 5557223
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    I will be trying this with my BC... just to understand was your amounts in the hundreds or thousands?
  • Dibbler
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    It was in the thousands - and they just did it again...
  • adindas
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    I have intention to redesignate (if possible) my Barclays platinum to Barclays Platinum Travel.

    I am aware that Barclay Platinum could be used as a mule card. What about Is Barclays Platinum Travel could they also be used as a mule card in the same way with old Barclay Platinum ?

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing this ?

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