Is there any hope of a claim?

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Hi all, I cant remember who I had PPI with as it was so long ago, I'm talking 24-26 years ago. I cant even remember what it would have been for, but I'm guessing possibly a catalogue company or store card. Some distant memory makes me think possibly next directory and i'm sure there was one other but I cant remember who.

Anyway, one of them, I do remember me phoning and asking what that payment was on my statement, was told it was compulsory and when I said cant I opt out, they told me no. I remember it was in their t&c's that my monthly payments on the debt would: first ppi would be taken out of it, followed by interest, followed by debt. Strange how i can remember that bit but not the important bit of who or what? lol But I do believe I was definitely missold/misinformed at least once (and i think i managed to get the other removed after ringing them, though i wasn't reimbursed).

So my question please is, with the period of time that has elapsed, the fact that i'm unsure who i had ppi with and no paperwork, am I right in thinking theres no hope of me claiming ppi back?


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