Credit Card Interest Refund

A friend of mine has received a letter from MBNA claiming that they are being refunded a large sum of money and they are curious about how authentic this letter is.

The credit card company is MBNA and the letter informs that they (MBNA) should have informed my friend of a ROSIA in February 2013 but failed to do so. Therefore they are refunding all the interest charged from then until 2017, which totals a considerable amount of money. The letter finishes saying that my friend does not need to do anything and MBNA will be in touch within the next 28 days to arrange the refund. All the details (phone numbers etc) check out with their website, so from my stand point, it looks real.

However, my friend is a lot more pessimistic than me and doubts the authenticity of the letter. Could someone confirm that this is real or not?

I’m trying to avoid using any details that could identify my friend, so apologies about the generic-ness of this post.



  • It's almost certainly real. Lenders put right any errors that have occured in paperwork, such as annual statements, which means interest can't be charged.

    Of course, he could check this for himself by contacting MBNA via the contact details on their site.
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  • Yes it’s real!!! I got 2 refunds from mbna before Christmas totalling £3600 via cheque. I too was afraid to believe it until the cheques cleared. I claimed using the resolver tool with the Plevin links (I tried claiming ppi before) as this was free all the cash was mine, no fees to pay!!!
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