Goodbye 7UP

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    robin58 wrote: »
    But prefer the sugar version based soft drinks to be honest.

    Not because of any health problems with artificial sweeteners, it's just the fact I am one of the rare people who can taste them and this puts me off them.

    That's why I'm happy Coca Cola will at least give me a choice.

    I don't think you are rare; the sweeteners taste different and people can easily notice that difference.

    The question is whether people find the artificially sweetened drinks palatable or not. I started drinking artificially sweetened drinks when I was losing weight. At first I found them hard to drink, but eventually (after months) I got used to sucralose and found drinks containing it palatable. Now some years later, I can even drink aspartame sweetened drinks (which was pretty much the last sweetener I got used to.)

    When you're used to sugar in drinks, artificial sweeteners can taste 'wrong'. But, after getting used to them, they now taste normal to me and I enjoy drinks with them in.
    NineDeuce wrote: »
    So what is in the sweeteners then?

    The chemical formulations are easily found on Wikipedia. Typically modified amino acids, modified sugars themselves, etc.
  • When it comes to soft drinks my first choice coke and then 7up. These drinks are not good for health but till now I have always thought 7 up was better than coke in terms of carbonated drinks.
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    I love the way the drinks companies suggest that they are doing it for health reasons which is complete bull**** ! The only reason they are doing it is because sweeteners are cheaper than sugar so they can make more profit.

    I used to like Dr Pepper but one day they switched and ruined that so I'll never be buying it again.

    Schweppes classic Lemonade and 2 or 3 other drinks have also done the same and I will never touch them again either.

    We were in Edinburgh over Christmas and my brother and I bought a can of Irn Bru and were so pleased to find it still tasted as we remembered, then when we came home the BBC had an article on people stockpiling it as that is due to change imminently soon too! :(

    Coke and Pepsi seem to be safe at the moment as they realise what messing with their flagship product will do to their reputation.

    So basically we now drink Pepsi for any day-to-day simple fizz and buy Fentimans coke / lemonade etc, which are far more expensive but taste just like coke etc used to 20-30 years ago.

    For squash we now use Rocks cordials, again natural fruit and no sweeteners, but more expensive and most importantly no disgusting artificial aftertaste!

    The smaller drinks companies could be doing very well from this if we are representative of even a small percentage of defectors from the big drinks brands!
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