HSBC PPI Claim - No answer after 12 weeks and I'm confused

Hi All

I wonder if you could help, as my conversation with HSBC today has left me totally confused

I submitted a PPI claim on 1st November 2017. This is an historical claim dating back to 1998. I no longer bank with them. I provided evidence of a bank statement which showed the loan payment going into my account and, helpfully, the amount of PPI paid which was front loaded. I also had a copy of my contract from the time to support my misselling claim as i was entitled to 6 months full sick pay, 6 months half pay and 1 1/2 weeks redundancy per year of service ( being a civil servant i am a good record keeper!)

I received an acknowledgement letter dated 9th November and thought nothing more. As we got past the 8 weeks stage i called HSBC in late December and they said it was being processed.

Yesterday i got another identical acknowledgement letter dated 4th January saying thanks for your claim , its with the PPI team and it will take up to 8 weeks etc etc. I called today to query what was happening and was told that when i called up to query progress this resets the clock and new case has been started and i am to expect another 8 weeks to hear from them. He also said that HSBC have tried to call me which is horse plop as i have no missed calls on my mobile. To be honest i didn't have much faith in the agent i spoke to and he wouldn't give me any contact details for the PPI team.

Has this happend to any one else

I am getting increasingly frustrated

Surely he is wrong and should i not at least have received an update letter from them saying we need more time to investigate ? Does any one have a number or email that i can use to speak to some one sensible?

thanks in advance for your help


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