Care and state pension?

I thought some one with experience of this may be of help

When a relative goes into residential care which is funded by the council, they then obviously lose their pension BUT how do they get the £23(?) a week they are allowed to keep?

Thanks in advance


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    When I worked on state pensions many years ago, we used to deduct it all at source and pay the beneficiary just the pocket money rate. Presumably the council then claimed it back from the pensions people.
    Not sure how it is done now.
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    I have recently been through this process and this is how it works with my Mom

    The council assessed my Moms accounts and then they work out the figure it costs in the home and take into account how much income my Mom has then takes this figure away from the weekly figure the home costs and then take off the weekly allowance of approx £25 and the home invoice me as my moms POA and i pay the home directly.

    This way Moms weekly allowance stays in her account

    Hope this helps clear it up for you and you sort things out
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    3card is correct. Relative will continue to receive their DWP and any other pensions as normal. Relative will be presented with regular invoices for their contribution to the cost of care. The amount invoiced will reflect their "pocket money" entitlement.

    It seems to be a common misnomer that once you go in to care the local authority starts "taking" things from anyone. This is not the case.
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    You don’t lose your pension, but most if not all of out will be used to fund your care.My mother is in that situation, and has savings of around £20k, and as this is above the £14,250 maximum, she has to pay an additional £1 per week for each £250 over the £14,250 which whines out the £23 a week spending money, which means her outgoings are currently exceeding income, so her savings are slowly falling.
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    When my Mum was in care her pension went to her bank account and she paid her contribution to her care automatically by direct debit.
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    Please ignore my contribution. I am clearly well out of date with the administration of this.
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