Are expensive TVs worth it?

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I live in North London and recently was given a Television for Christmas. Prior to this I was just watching Netflix on laptops and stuff, but even though it’s outdated I like having the ability to receive actual live TV.

I’m currently using this cheap aerial

According to the freeview website, I should be receiving channels from the Crystal Palace transmitter. However the signal using this cheap aerial is completely terrible.

I’m just wondering if more expensive indoor aerials (up to say £50) are more likely to give better signals, or if there is a genuine problem with my flat that makes it impossible to receive Telly?


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    Looking at the Argos web page it does say 3 miles. I suspect that, living in North London, you are a bit more than 3 miles from Crystal Palace (South London).

    There really is no substitute for a good outdoor aerial. However, you may get away with a loft aerial. It will depend on how much clutter there is between you and the transmitter.
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    Aerials (of which there is no such thing as a digital one) require a clear line of sight to get a signal. Indoor aerials tend to work better if they're by a window and the window happens to be on the same side of the house as where the signal would come from, though this isn't a strict rule and a cheap indoor aerial can work if the makeup is good. In the current digital age they can be hit and miss but back in the analogue days it took a lot to knock them out so were fairly reliable. That being said, External aerials wipe the floor with internal aerials any day.

    Like most boosters, boosters can only boost what they can get hold of. There comes a point where the signal is so crap there's nothing to boost, so they aren't a solution in all cases.
  • Yes, the Sony A1 and the LGs Oleds are worth it.depends what your disposable income is.
    Considering that you will be watching a telly for many more hours than you will be driving a German car to achieve status than a top TV is better value
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    We had a cheap wire portable aeriel in our boating days and later used it on a small tv upstairs, but the one we have now (looks like a plastic aeroplane wing )is much better as it doesn't lose signal if you walk past it. However we are fairly close to the transmitter.
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    The good old days of a bit of coax and a wire coat hanger hooked on the picture rail.
  • there are a few blackspots across
    London where freeview TV reception is dodgy. We live in one in SW London. (there is a map which shows them will post link when I can find it.) in that case you will need superaerial on top of roof to stand chance of decent signal.
  • Go to this map and click on the + sign you will find quite a few areas in north London where coverage is not so good from the CP transmitter (and in my part of sw London). It has been poor in my area for as long as I can remember and seems to be related in my case, to living in the shadow of a large hill on the wrong side of the transmitter.
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