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Well done to the MSE geeks for this years banner :T :T :T
it should offend as few people as possible (even if is a little American :p)


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    I expect to be wished Happy Holidays in June, just before I go on holiday.
    :heartpuls Mrs Marleyboy :heartpuls

    MSE: many of the benefits of a helpful family, without disadvantages like having to compete for the tv remote

    :) Proud Parents to an Aut-some son :)
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    I've never understood this happy holidays business. Do Americans get a lot of time off at Xmas? Most of us here get a couple of days off if we're lucky. Or just one day off in the shop where I work.

    What's wrong with Happy Xmas? We're no longer a religious country so all the Xmas means is Xtra pressies, Xtra family, Xtra food and Xtra daft songs. Madness!
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    It's only a little box. Far too little to fit in (off the top of my head):

    Happy Hanukkah
    Happy/Good Yule (Solstice)
    Merry Christmas
    Happy/Holy/Merry(?) Feast of the Nativity
    Happy Hogmanay
    Happy New Year
    A guid New Year tae ane an' a'

    and any other holydays or public holidays around this time of year.
  • Some people have to work through. It's probably the most offensive banner they could come up with.
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