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When my daughter moved into her new student house in August this year the previous tenants had used Glide as the utilities provider. Her tenancy was from the 1st July, however, access was only allowed on 1st August. She applied to change providers immediately but, accoarding to the new provider Glide refused to activate the switch. Electricity was eventually switched in September and gas took until the end of October.
Glide have just sent the bill for payment and as well as the rate charged being significantly above her rate with the new provider the standing charge of over 62p per day for electricity is little short of daylight robbery.
My daughter has spoken to Glide on the phone but they say there is nothing they can do as the charges are fixed.
Glide appear to be taking advantage of their student customers, so just a warning to anyone considering this company. Look elsewhere!!


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    Many previous threads on here about Glide.
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    Hi. I know it’s a year later but wondering if they ever got this sorted - this is the exact same situation that my daughter is in this year. She spoke to Glide last week and someone agreed that they should only have been billed till 20 July but they have not issued a revised bill. She has tried to escalate to team leader but waiting for a response and Glide have said they will take the full amount from her account today.
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