Update on refused blue badge

here is an update on my blue badge refusal.
i appealed the decision and was still refused the appeal officer took no account of my medical evidence and went with the assessors report. Even though the assessor report contained false information which proves he didn't read my doctors diagnosis. I complained to the council manager and was told to apply again.

So i applied again and sent in all my evidence. Apparently the council lost this application and i had to go through numerous telephone calls to sort it. Finally given an assessment with in 1 week of long phone call.

I had the assessment and was told i would get a letter within a few days. They don't tell you the result at the assessment. I got an email 4 days after my assessment telling me i have been approved. Because i was waiting for a letter i didn't check my email. After making a payment i was told i would receive the badge within 10 days. I received the badge within 7 days. Im glad i got it before xmas rush.

Few tips on the assessment:
1) If you send your medical evidence to the council they don't send it to the assessor so take it with you.
2) Take as much doctors letters as possible even if they are older, this shows how long you have had the conditions.
3) If mobility aids are given by medical professionals tell them
4) Make sure you explain anything that needs to be explained
5) Take someone with you

The assessment:
They ask you about how you manage your daily needs and conditions and medication. At the end of the assessment you are asked to walk. But i didn't need to walk this time as the assessor saw how difficult it was for me to get to the room.

From my last assessment:
What went against me was that my crutches were not prescribed by medical people. I have now got crutches given by the hospital which are much better to use. The assessor did not stay with me throughout the walking and went ahead of me and did not notice my breathing or pain.

From the recent assessment:
Unfortunately my health has got a lot worse. I have been diagnosed with a serious illness which mean walking far is dangerous for me. When you put down your medical conditions make sure you put down everything even if you think its not relevant. Especially if it effects your breathing as this helps them make a decision.

I hope this helps. For me the whole process has been stressful as the council don't communicate efficiently and its up to you to chase things.
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