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  • teedy23teedy23 Forumite
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    Is there some kind of directory for this, or would you just to down to your local art school/ college. Would be good if anyone knew of a website where artists or schools advertised
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  • superscapersuperscaper Forumite
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    Don't think this is for us self-conscious uglies then.
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  • There are a few websites you can join if you want to be a life model. "Register of artists' models" is quite well known. Good if yo live in or near London. Otherwise just ring up colleges or art centres. Once you're in somewhere your details get circulated between artists so work builds up.
    Looks are not important. just the ability to hold a pose. Can be hard work but is a good opportunity to just let your mind go blank and relax.
  • LizD_2LizD_2 Forumite
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    Don't think this is for us self-conscious uglies then.

    Actually, 'uglies' :D are more interesting and challenging to draw, (speaking as an ex-art student!), than a so-called 'perfect' person!

    Anyway, don't you know beauty is the eye of the beholder? ;)
  • Yeah - my ex did this for ages, found a classified in the local paper (well, I found it for him!). Good money, gentle work... and he was pretty ugly :-D
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  • Try contacting local art colleges and art societies and looking in the windows of art shops, especially around the beginning of term times. Make sure you check out the rates on offer before you accept any work as they vary greatly from place to place.

    When working, negotiate regular breaks and take a warn dressing gown. Life modelling can be very cold and quite painfull staying in the same position. I used to find music helped the time pass quicker.
  • camper_1982camper_1982 Forumite
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    How much do they pay you for getting your kit off?
  • OH did it for local college and got paid £20/hour
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  • aseaasea Forumite
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    Would you ever get a picture of yourself? (i'd prefer that to the money!)
    nothing to see here, move along...
  • jarrod1jarrod1 Forumite
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    i could model balaclava's
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