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Monitor exams... official discussion

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  • djbd1973djbd1973 Forumite
    508 posts
    I know a retired teacher that monitors GCSE exams at a secondary school each year for mocks and finals.

    Nice little bit of money at certain times of the year as it boosts his pension money.
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  • Great idea, where would you apply to do this?
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  • Local schools advertise vacancies, either on their websites, the local council website, and/ or the local press.
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  • djbd1973djbd1973 Forumite
    508 posts
    dmg24 wrote: »
    Local schools advertise vacancies, either on their websites, the local council website, and/ or the local press.

    Yep - the teacher I know was approached by the school as he was the father of one of the school receptionists and they needed someone quick. That was about three years ago, and he is still doing the job.
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster
  • I've just seen an ad in the local paper from a school looking to recruit some exam invigilators. Is there anyone ever done who's this before that could tell me what it involves and whether it's worth doing? Thanks!
  • SkyhighSkyhigh Forumite
    332 posts
    My partner has done invigilating before.

    Its relatively straight forward: invigilate exams - hand out test papers, collect test papers, escort children to bathroom/in/out of exams hall.

    Hours are often short but flexible since many schools have exams morning and afternoon, usually 2 hours each. Depending on the school and their organisation they may bring you in all day (more money), or bring you in on odd mornings/afternoons.

    Usually, invigilators tend to be retired, home-makers, students - due to the flexible and sometimes random hours.

    Pay is often quite good, some schools in our area pay £8-12 an hour!

    Bad points:
    Pay will probably be through your local council, often 1 month in lieu so it might be a while before you see the money.
    Hours can be random.
    You may be subject to a CRB check (ok, most-probably will be).
    'Seasonal' work, as in exam periods = summer, xmas, easter.

    Good points:
    Flexible hours.
    Decent pay.
    Fairly easy job, but sometimes boring.
    Once you're CRB checked for that school/period, and if you're done invigilating before at that school - they are more likely to request you for the next set of exams rather than get someone else in.
    Varying age ranges and abilities: SATS, KS9, GCSE.

  • Thanks for that. It definately looks like it worth a go to bring in a bit of extra cash!
  • I done this through the SQA last year. You do not get paid by the local council it was from the SQA (I am socttish I dont know about england, this is just what happened with me) You get £26 per half day, or £53 for a full day. A half day can range from 10 mins to 3 hours, and a full day is counted as being in both morning and after noon. So an hour in the morning, and an hour at night.

    All I had to to was read out what was expected from the pupils, walk around, make sure there was no cheating, and then put the exam scripts into envelops for posting.

    It was very easy, but also good, as I got to revise for my exams while doing it!
  • In English schools (for external exams) you shouldn't be doing anything other than watch that the students don't cheat. ie no reading the paper, books or anything else. The pay per hour is pretty good but the work can be very boring!
  • You also need to hand out extra sheets of paper

    I know my school was asking parents to do it for free :rolleyes:
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