Shocking quote from architect designer

We have just received a quote from a architect designer (not a registered architect) for a small single storey kitchen extension approx (2.9x3m) under permitted development. The quote was £2000+ vat for Project Design & Administration and £4000+ vat Project Design, Admin & Construction Management. These cost seem exorbitant, I used the design for me website.

Now I’m not sure where to go next to obtain further quotes. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    Google local architect businesses?
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    If you already have a local company or builder in mind to do the work, approach them to quote for the entire project and bypass the architect altogether. It's not a big extension, although can get complicated if it's going over existing drains etc. Bit more work for you, but can save quite a bit of money.
    Of course, if you want to have minimum involvement in it, then you've got to pay somebody else to do the work for you. Does sound expensive for such a small space, but maybe that reflects the going rate in your area?

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  • Wow. Costs are obscene. How good are your excel or drawing skills?

    I did the designs for planning permission for a small conversion and 3*3 extension in our house using MS Excel but could easily do it on graph paper with a bit of patience. You then would need a structural engineer to do some calcs etc for load bearing walls (~£150 for a couple of calcs and drawings for us) and our joiner happily project managed as there was only a handful of trades to coordinate.
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