LPOA and Self Employed Carers

Help, my partner and I have LPOA for an elderly gentlemen, who has lost or is losing mental capacity, sohe is now at the stage where he needs additional care, and rather than employ external carers, we would like to provide that care for him as self employed carers.
We have LPOA for both health and finance.
if we were to be Self Employed for him and his finances would be paying for us, how does that work? is this something that requires us to go to the COP?


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    I can see a lot of issues with this, including conflict of interest.

    Are you actually qualifed carers?

    You have to act solely in his interests, so for instance if this is to reduce the impact of care costs to the beneficiaries of his will, but at the cost of him being looked after by unqualfied carers that could drop you in a lot trouble.
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    Thats why I was asking about Court of Protection.
    He needs carers regardless, its whether it is us or employing private carers.
    I am fully aware of acting solely in his best interest, that's why i'm his LPOA, thats why he needs care, and thats why i was asking about going through the court of protection, as i am protecting his best interest.

    i have since contacted the COP, and yes I have to apply through them, which I am now doing
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