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First Aider at Charity Events

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BronnieBronnie Forumite
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Anyone have an idea of the cost of a St John's or Red Cross first aider at an evening charity event, please?


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    Savvy_SueSavvy_Sue Forumite
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    Really you'd have to phone and ask, because I suspect it will depend on factors like the kind of event, whether you need an ambulance, how many you need etc, and I'd expect them to make those decisions after a risk assessment. For the event where DH uses them, they send an ambulance and three people. Can't give costs as up to now they have not charged, because one of their volunteers is a long-term supporter of DH's cause (and I suspect they are also sufficiently senior in the organisation to be able to swing this ...)

    Also do ask as soon as you can because they are dependent on having the volunteers available.

    BTW you can request a quote online - which confirms my view that the answer is 'it depends!'
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  • BronnieBronnie Forumite
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    I was just pondering it last night. It's a low risk event and I'm sure we could find a qualified First Aider if we put our mind to it. Just wondered, last time I used them, which was years ago, they came along free of charge, but I know that doesn't seem to be the usual case now. Thanks!
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