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Digital Banking

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  • HI There

    Just wondered if anyone is using this Chip automatic saving app and has some feedback?

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    neloalmeidaneloalmeida Forumite
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    They don't pay the interest that is owed. Considering that this is their primary goal, they couldn't be a bigger failure. This app is the best way to say GOODBYE TO YOUR INTEREST FOREVER. They are a worse alternative to your bank, with pretty awful customer support and they don't care about putting things right when they mess up (and they do!). I've complain, multiple times, it didn't make any difference so I will be reporting them to the financial ombudsman. Don't use them. You have been warned, I wish I had never came close to them.

    UPDATE 15/12/2017
    After not responding to my complaint for 6 weeks, I got a call two days ago
    from Chip following my review in this forum. They claimed that my account is one of a "number of accounts" with technical issues that prevented interest payments. They promised to transfer the interest that was due from the last 2 quarters to my bank account on that day. It has been two days now and still no sign of the interest. Meanwhile I changed my banking details as a precaution. Think again if you are considering using them.
  • I'm also a Chip user - I was one of the first users to join along with my friend (referred enough people to get 8% interest!) Everything was fine up until a couple of months ago - I haven't received any interest for Q4 this year. They've basically got £250 of interest owed to me - and they're refusing to do anything about it. Considering that there's another user complaining on here about the same problem, and I have a friend who also suffers from this, I can't recommend anyone use this app. Their customer support is terrible - they literally do not care, responding with the same "we're looking into it" every time. Disgraceful.
  • edinburgheredinburgher Forumite
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    I know that people are more likely to complain about bad service than praise good service, but it does seem a little unusual that the first two comments for a new product are from people with next to no feedback/who joined just to complain? I'm probably just being a cynic.
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    mcgooksmcgooks Forumite
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    I have been using Chip since the beginning and I have had nothing but a great experience.

    The team are always quick to respond to queries either via email or the app when something hasn't worked as it should (generally within a day - which is usually 2 days faster than my actual bank!!).

    Its worth noting that I have been paid interest as promised for the past 2 quarters and can see i'm due another payout this quarter. The app is pretty simple to use and you always know what your interest is sitting at.

    Would defo recommend - **referral code removed by Forum Team**
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  • saulren wrote: »
    "we're looking into it"

    I have exactly the same experience Saulren. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, waited for a few months in vain. I wrote them a formal complaint that was never answer. Next step for me will be reporting to the regulator, I suggest you do the same.
  • SpiesSpies Forumite
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    It wont accept my bank details right now - maybe a blessing in disguise?
  • KTFKTF Forumite
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    The app is being hammered due to the MSE email. It took me a few goes to complete the signup process.
  • I was tempted by the 3% and the info in the MSE email this morning, until 1) I saw my money wouldn't be covered by the £85,000 guarantee and 2) I saw some of the comments on here.

    Not touching it with a bargepole now, and I'm somewhat surprised that MSE is pushing it so hard.
  • CbqCbq Forumite
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    So I read through everything I could find and the majority of the information seems to be positive. I'm having trouble logging in as it keeps throwing up internal errors with different codes and now am a bit nervous as to whether it's trying to tell me something! Would be great to see a few more MSE forum users comment if they've had a good experience. I can't really afford to lose out on money owed to me, no matter how small.
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